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  13. Precious Moments (4)
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Collecting Gnomes: More Than Just Garden Ornaments
Growing up, those gnomes on your best friend's grandmother's front lawn may have been an eyesore and a source of ridicule. But have you noticed they have proliferated in recent years? No longer relegated to yards, gnomes can command high prices and are an international sensation.

Gnomes in the Garden
Who's Your Gnome?

Top Ten Mystery Antiques for 2011
The Most Popular Top Ten Mystery Antiques for 2011

From the Collection of JCD
Nude figurines images from the fascinating collection of JCD.

Start a Collection for $25.
Start a collection for under $25.

Scrabble Table - Trash to Treasures
Crafts to Collectibles -- Scrabble Table

Antique Valentine Clipart
Antique Valentine Clipart

Greenstein's Judaica Auction House
There are many family owned antiques that will be owned by generations of a family, but none are so cherished or special as the Judaica items passed down through the family after hardship of immigrating to another country or fleeing Hitler during the years of World War II.

Mystery Item 6- Can Your Figure Out What This Is?
Mystery Item 6- Can Your Figure Out What This Is?

Mystery Item 5- Can Your Figure Out What This Is?
Can you figure out what this mystery item is?

Mystery Item 4- Can Your Figure Out What This Is?
Mystery item #4 - Can you figure it out?

Mystery Item #2
Can you figure out what this mystery item is?

Vintage Nursery Rhyme Scraps: Rabbit Illustrations
Images from a 1920 generic nursery rhyme book that can be used for yoru personal enjoyment, including downloading for scrapbooking.

And the Nominees are . . . .
Forget the Academy Awards -- this year's most exciting honors have nothing to do with a little gold statue…unless it's a collectible. The Collectors' Information Bureau has announced the judge's picks for the top collectible items in the various categories of the Collector's Choice Awards – and now it’s time for the public to cast their votes.

About Avon
One of the more popular collectible searches continues to be Avon and Avon collectibles. Find out more about the company, along with additional link resources.

Avon Collectibles
A sampling of Avon collectibles and current values.

Children's Scrapbook Images and Pictures
These images were evidently from a child's scrapbook, date would be from the 1920s/30s.

Collecting Nursery Rhyme Themed Art and Cards
A collection of nursery rhyme art including scraps and scans of cards.

Tips on Buying and Shopping for Authentic Carvings
Many visitors to the Pacific Northwest will be exposed to Native American Indian art while touring the region, especially in British Columbia. Among this aboriginal artwork are the magnificent hand made Pacific Northwest Native Indian wood carvings by the Canadian aboriginal artists in BC.

eBay Collectibles Exclusive: Pez Sesame Street
Brand new products Sesame Street Limited Edition eBay Exclusive

Collecting the Weird and Unusual
How did you start your collection? Sometimes finding your passion is as easy as looking around and saving the item that has always fascinated you. Collecting DOES NOT have to be an expensive hobby, it can even be free. Some of the collectors listed below just took the time to save commonplace but usually not collected items or spent the cost...

School Bus Stop Sign
School Bus Stop Sign

Folk Art Tops
Wooden Folk Art Tops in a Tray

Collecting Kachina Dolls
If you've traveled in the southwest, it's a bet you've come across Kachina dolls in souvenir shops. Learn more about these dolls and where to find the authentic pieces.

The Lure of Southwestern Collecting
Collectors are drawn to the colors, myths and expanse that is often connected with Southwestern collectibles. The big skies, the legend of the cowboy and the Indian folklore.

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