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Coin Collecting, specifically the US State Quarters, has become one of the more popular collecting habits to come along in years. This non-fad collectible appeals to every age, gender or income group.

Learn more about the State Quarter program, when quarters were released, and which State Quarter is the most valuable.

1. Collecting State Quarters - Everyone Collects!

Coin Collecting, specifically the US State Quarters, are still hot as far as collectors are concerned. State Quarters are one of the most popular collectibles to come along in years and this non-fad collectible appeals to every age, gender and income group.

Quarters are easy to find and everyone can afford to collect them. If you are on a budget -- save the quarters from your change. Or if you want to become more serious -- buy bags or rolls of uncirculated coins from the US Mint or coin dealers.

2. US Mint State Quarter Images

United States Mint Image
Larger images of all 50 coins in the State Quarter program, as well as the 2009 quarters from the District of Columbia and US Territories.

It's fascinating to see what images each state picked to represent the image they wish to portray. Some are quite complicated in design, but for some reason the very simple design of Wyoming is very appealing.

3. Do You Collect State Quarters?

United States Mint Image
One of the more popular polls on this web site - and it looks like almost everyone collects. What about you?

Shown is the first State Quarter released - Delaware, January 1999.

4. State Quarters Coin Collecting Folder

Need someplace to store those quarters? Check out these coin folders for your State Quarters.
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5. The Official Guidebook to State Quarters

Authored by David Ganz
Probably no one is more qualified to write about America's fascination with State Quarters, than David Ganz, a member of the Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee. Ganz, who helped with legislation for the quarter program, tells the fascinating history of how the lessons learned from the Bicentennial coins were applied to the new program. We also learn just how complicated it is to come up with a new coin program and the problems along with way. U.S. Mint director Philip Diehl stated Ganz deserves "the lion's share of the credit for making the 50 States program a reality...for his persistence as an advocate."

6. Hallmark State Quarter Ornaments

Barb Crews
Imagine my surprise to see "Mint" Quarters for sale at the Hallmark store! These are part of their American Spirit Collection. The collection consists of five State Ornaments, five State coins and figurine sets, uncirculated Quarters mounted in a bookmark size card and a State Quarters Kid's Collector kit.

7. State Quarter Bears

Barb Crews
Released a few years after the State Program started, State Quarter bears are still available from Timeless Toys. They can be purchased in sets of five (for the year release) or as individual bears for $7.95. There are two different sizes of the State Quarter bears, the 8.5" size are the standard bears and a limited number Super State Quarter bears were produced that are approximately 18" tall.

8. State Quarter Values

United States Mint Image
What are your mint State Quarters worth? It might surprise you to learn that some are worth more than twenty-five cents!

About's Coin Collecting Guide has a chart showing values of single State Quarters, as well as a chart listing the values of State Quarters rolls.

See what State coins are highest in value!

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