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Dinosaur Decorating for Christmas


One of the hotter trends for Christmas this year are dinosaurs. Doesn't everyone want a dinosaur on their Christmas tree?

If you want to go all out, why not do a dinosaur themed tree? David Blair of Dee's Flowers in North Hollywood, shares a few ideas for a prehistoric themed tree.

Dinosaur Tree Ideas

David said to look for animal themed prints on ribbons or fabrics. Palm trees, snakes and lizards ornaments would be good additions. These wouldn't even have to be ornaments, try realistic looking plastic toys tucked into the branches.

Find some brown glass balls and make cave style drawings or go a little further and make stone wheels out of papier mache.


The image can't possibly do this ornament complete justice, as it's a little hard to comprehend how huge the Pterodactyl actually is at a whopping 8" x 3/4 x 13 1/2". The free blown glass Christmas ornament is from Mia Ornaments and sold on her consumer website da Polonia.

I really love this guy and if someone doesn't buy him soon, he just might have to be adopted and brought to Oklahoma.

Price is $115. and since it is a free blown, each one will be a little different.


Velociraptor, also known as a Raptor, became famous in the movie Jurasic Park, but our Dinosaur Guide Bob Strauss says what you saw was really not accurate.

This particular ornament from Mia is another large piece, 10" long and selling for $98.95.

Like the others shown here from da Polonia, he is a free blown ornament and each will be slightly different.


The Triceratops is one of the smaller pieces on this list at 2.5" x 5.75 wide. The glass ornament is done in shades of brown and is available from Bronners, the amazing Christmas store. Price is $9.99.

Green T-Rex

This guy is a real meanie and looks like he could wreck havoc on any Christmas tree. The glass T-Rex is made in Poland and measures a whopping 7" long.

Priced at $29.95, a pretty good price for a large, European ornament.

Wood Dinosaurs

A set of four laser-cut dinosaur ornaments. These are sanded and ready to paint or stain. At this price, getting two or three sets and sprinkle them around the tree. More is better.

The set of four are priced at $8.99 and are 4" wide.

The Texas Art Craft shop on Etsy has dozens of wooden ornaments ready to paint or stain, all at very affordable prices.


© Celebrate 365
A whimsical free blown Italian ornament from the De Carlini Workshop. When you're tired or scared of the ferocious T-Rex, Dino will make you smile. This sample ornament is available on the Celebrate 365 website. Hurry, there's only one!

Dinosaur Trio

© PriceGrabber.com
A trio of glass dinosaurs ornaments from Kurt Adler. These cute little guys are about 3.5" high, with glittery accents.
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Old World Christmas T-Rex

Barb Crews
Old World Christmas has something for everyone, there must be close to a 1000 pieces in their current catalog, which includes a few dinosaurs.

This T-Rex sells for $13.99 and is approximately 4" high.

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Dinosaurs in a Cage

© Barb Crews
A few years ago I found some dinosaur ornaments that I loved, but they didn't feel right on any of our Christmas trees. My solution was to keep them in a bird cage -- that way they can't get into too much trouble.

Read more about my pet dinosaurs.

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