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Upper Deck Diamond Collection Pro Sigs


Updated June 05, 2004
Just what do you get in each pack of 2004 Upper Deck Diamond Collection Pro Sigs that makes this debut set so popular anyway?

Well, for starters – each card is jam-packed with a top quality action photograph and a facsimile autograph. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also randomly inserted short-printed rookie cards and certified rookie autographs, as well.

Some of the top-flight rookie cards you may find include Jose Capellan and Kaz Matsui, just to name a few.

And what would a set be without its share of parallels. Pro Sigs boasts 4 tiers of them, in fact, including a “Blue” parallel serial-numbered to 25 and a “Red” parallel serial-numbered to just 10 copies!

As for guarantees, every box promises at least one autograph on average.

A 24-pack hobby box of Pro Sigs retails for $49.95.

Here’s a quick look at what you might find in a randomly selected hobby box of 2004 Upper Deck Diamond Collection Pro Sigs baseball:

140 Silver & Gold (1:6)
90 Signature Collection Blue (#'d to 25)
90 Signature Collection Red (#'d to 10)

30 Hall of Famers (exclusive to starter box)
Instant Win Card (1:60,000)

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