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Upper Deck Classic Baseball

By Mike Eisner

Updated August 23, 2005
What does it take to earn the moniker “Classic?”

Just ask the folks at Upper Deck about the new Classic baseball series, and they’ll give you a hundred reasons why this product has all the makings of a classic.

From the highly-attractive cover art on the box, to the stunning, retro-photography, Classics is one of the freshest throwback products we’ve seen this year. And, as you know, quite a few of these products have hit the streets this year, so to achieve such greatness is truly an achievement.

The set is loaded with diamond greats from yesteryear, such as Don Drysdale, Ted Williams, Lou Gehrig, Yogi Berra, etc. As mentioned earlier, the cards contain crisp, vintage photographs that must have been locked up in someone’s basement for decades as this is the first time those pictures have seen the light of day.

Another unique twist to the set was the inclusion of 30 “Retro Star Rookies,” a subset that features vintage photographs from the rookie year of retired players that never had an Upper Deck rookie card. My favorite was that of former New York Met and Philadelphia Phillie Lenny Dystra.

And what would a modern Upper Deck set be without inserts and parallels? Certainly, by the list below, you can see that there are plenty to choose from.

For those of you that dig the sigs…errr…autographs, I mean, you are in line to score at least one autograph per box. We pulled an autograph of former-slugger Jack Clark.

We did, however, beat the odds by pulling three game-used memorabilia cards per box, including two different Jack Clark jersey cards and one dual jersey card of Will Clark and Jack Clark.

Perhaps Jack Clark was on the assembly line when this box was being packed out and played a practical joke. If that is indeed the case – ha ha, you got me Jack! Now give me my cut signature back!

As for the Classic Cut Signatures, they are inserted roughly one every 20 boxes.

Overall, I really enjoyed this product. It’s reasonably priced at less than $90 per box, and is jam-packed with a ton of baseball history.

Good luck with your rip!

Here’s a listing of what you might find in your box of 2005 Upper Deck Classics baseball:
Base Set
130 Total Cards
100 Retired Legends
30 Retro Star Rookies (1:4)

130 Grey Border Parallels (1:7, #'d to 399)

Inserts 1:7
Post Season Performers (#'d to 999)
Classic Moments (#'d to 1999)
Classic Seasons (#'d to 1999)
League Leaders (#'d to 999)
Classic Counterparts (#'d to 1999)

Memorabilia Inserts 1:14
Post Season Performers Materials
Classic Counterpart Materials
Classic Moments Materials
Classic Season Materials
League Leaders Materials
Classic Materials

Signature Inserts 1:28
Legends of the Hall Signatures
Classic Moments Signatures
Classic Seasons Signatures
League Leaders Signatures
Classic Counterparts Signatures

Other Inserts
Classic Fantasy Team (1:448)
Classic Cut Signatures (1:448)

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