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2005 Upper Deck Rookie Update


Updated February 27, 2006
For those of you that enjoy a good rookie card, have I got the set for you – 2005 Upper Deck Rookie Update.

Here’s the juice… every pack contains either a serial-numbered rookie card or an autographed rookie card.

Shall I continue?

OK. . . In addition, every pack contains three additional rookie cards and one superstar card from such players as Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, just to name a few.

Oh, and the rookie card checklist isn’t one to sneeze at either, thanks to autographed cards from Prince Fielder, Ryan Zimmerman, Stephen Drew, Kendry Morales, Annibal Sanchez and Brian Anderson. Each has multiple autographs from various Upper Deck staples such as Ultimate Collection, SP Authentic, SPx and a base autograph in the new design for the Update product.

This set is considered an update to various 2005 products including Ultimate Collection, SP Authentic, SPx, Reflections, Sweet Spot and Origins. This product also introduces the new design associated with the Update product.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the product is littered with true 1 of 1s and other ultra-low serial-numbered parallels that will make your mouth salivate as if you are being teased with a great big piece of New York Cheesecake while having your hands tied behind your back.

As a matter of fact, the Kendry Morales autographs from this product arguably occupy the top spot on most hobby hot lists as the price of Morales autographs have nearly doubled since this products release earlier this month.

We were lucky enough to score a hobby box and pulled a couple of nice autographs including an SP Authentic rookie card of Los Angeles Dodgers top prospect Russell Martin. We also pulled numerous Zimmerman, Fielder and Drew rookie cards.

As a whole, this product offers a ton of value for your dollar. One should fully expect to pull a nice stack of rookie cards from some of the game’s top prospects from a sealed box. And while the autographs are purely hit or miss, some boxes contain upwards of five autographs, though the majority contain two.

If you are a rookie card collector, this product has got your number. Good luck with yours.

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