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Mike Eisner's Sports and Trading Card Reviews

Mike tells you what's hot, what's not and just what the sports card companies are trying to tempt you into buying. Hang out with Mike as he gives the box breakdowns, where the autographs are and just what game-used memorabilia is showing up.
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2007 Topps Baseball
What do you get when you superimpose photographs of "Dubya" and "The Mick" on the card of the greatest Yankees shortstop of all-time?

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts
From top to bottom, 2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts delivers with Cut Signatures falling, on average, two per case. There are dual-signature cuts, as well – if you’re lucky enough to pull one of those bad boys!

Mike Eisner: Upper Deck’s Sweet Spot Update
On average, one of the two autographs, which by the way are on a piece of material cut from the Sweet Spot of an actual baseball (stitches and all), is that of a "Rookie Card" eligible player such as Cole Hamels or Stephen Drew. These signatures are serial-numbered to 299 or less and add a tremendous amount of value to your pack-busting...

2006 Bowman Sterling Baseball
I am not ashamed to say that there was no better holiday gift than the box of 2006 Bowman Sterling baseball I received from Topps this past week.

Topps Sterling Baseball
Neatly dressed in its own Cherry-wood box, Topps Sterling features four super-duper high-end trading cards, with each serial-numbered to 250 or less. Dutifully contained within that box is one multi-relic card serial-numbered to 10 or less.

Upper Deck SPx Baseball
Two serial-numbered certified autograph "Rookie Cards" per pack; Game-used jersey and patch cards from key players who participated in this past Springs World Baseball Classic; and, Exquisite redemption cards. All this in Upper Deck SPx Baseball

Upper Deck Epic Baseball
Usually I associate the term "Epic" with any one of the Star Wars flicks, or the Raiders of the Lost Ark movies - even the first two Revenge of the Nerds masterpieces. But rarely do I attach such a powerful moniker to a set of baseball cards.

Bowman Baseball Cards 2006
The new 2006 Bowman baseball, as per usual, is choc-full of first-year player cards (formerly known as rookie cards) that include the likes of Alex Gordon, Max Ramirez and Craig Hansen, who is a true rookie card under the new Rookie Card definition concocted by Major League Baseball.

Topps Finest Baseball
With all the talk about the licensing agreement between Major League Baseball and the trading card manufacturers limiting their number of releases per calendar year, it’s a huge relief that these ordered cuts didn’t result in the elimination of what has become Topps signature premium brand – Finest.

Topps Triple Threads
I must admit – Topps Triple Threads reminds me a lot of Topps Tribute; And, in the words of the immortal Jerry Seinfeld: "not that there’s anything wrong with that."

Topps Heritage Baseball 2006
Maybe it’s the nostalgic aspect of taking a pseudo-time machine back to a time when baseball cards were married to bike spokes and flipping cards didn’t mean buying a Bowman Chrome Draft Jeff Francoeur rookie card on eBay for $25 and re-selling it two days later for $35.

Eisner: 2005 Upper Deck Rookie Update Sports Card Review
This set is considered an update to various 2005 products including Ultimate Collection, SP Authentic, SPx, Reflections, Sweet Spot and Origins. This product also introduces the new design associated with the Update product.

Mike Eisner: Bowman Sterling
This year’s Bowman Sterling boasts some of the best buybacks to date including various Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds and David Wright autographs.

Mike Eisner: Upper Deck Trilogy Baseball - 2005
Trilogy baseball is jam-packed with super high-end stuff, including at least one game-used and/or autographed card per pack. To be honest, at $29.99 SRP per pack, one should expect to be bombarded with high-end game-used and autographs.

Mike Eisner's Reviews: Bowman Chrome Draft Picks/Prospects Baseball
Some collectors wait on long lines outside their hobby shop’s door while others bombard their local Target or K-Mart store manager practically begging for them to bring in more boxes of Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects from off the pallets in the storeroom.

Mike Eisner's Sports Card Reviews -- Topps Retired Signature - 2005
Since 2003, Topps Retired Signature has been a staple in the Topps stable of high-end baseball products thanks to its assortment of hall-of-famer autographs, highly-collectible base cards, and the ever-popular short-prints.

Baseball Card Reviews -- Bowman’s Best Baseball
What do you get when you upgrade “The Home of the Rookie Card” to “The Home of the Autographed Rookie Card?” You get 2005 Bowman’s Best baseball, that’s what you get.

Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards 2005 -- Mike Eisner's Review
Due to the smashing debut of red refractors in last years Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects, Topps decided to continue the trend, only this time around make it a smidgen easier to pull.

Sports Card Reviews: Upper Deck Classic Baseball Cards
From the highly-attractive cover art on the box, to the stunning, retro-photography, Classics is one of the freshest throwback products we’ve seen this year. And, as you know, quite a few of these products have hit the streets this year, so to achieve such greatness is truly an achievement.

Sports Card Reviews: Upper Deck Hall of Fame Baseball
What’s there to say about Upper Deck Hall of Fame baseball that hasn’t already been said?

If you are an eBay junkie like I am, you’ve already seen the triple-autographs or the cut signatures with the jersey swatch, or the impressive selection of “1 of 1” cards this product has to offer.

From Mike Eisner: Upper Deck Origins -- Baseball Card Review
Upper Deck Origins is the new sensation that has taken the hobby by storm. Packed inside an ultra collectible tin are an average of two game-used memorabilia cards, one certified autograph and one serial-numbered parallel to go along with throwback Old Judge versions of today’s top diamond heroes.

Upper Deck Series Two Baseball -- Sports Card Review -- Mike Eisner
If a hobby staple were ever anointed, Upper Deck series two baseball could be a contender.

Complete with an average of three game-used and/or autographs per box, 2005 Upper Deck series two baseball delivers a powerful punch at an affordable price point.

Topps: All Time Fan Favorites Baseball Cards -- Sports Card Collecting
When was the last time that you opened a pack of trading cards and thoroughly enjoyed each and every card in the pack regardless of value?

Topps: Finest Baseball
This year, Topps has truly outdone itself with Finest baseball.

Mike Eisner: Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Baseball
Topps All-Time Fan Favorites baseball review by Mike Eisner

Donruss: 2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Baseball
Donruss: 2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Baseball

Sports Card Reviews: 2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants
What do you get when you mix trading cards with collectible felt team pennants?

Sports Card Reviews: Topps Hot Button Baseball Game
If you haven’t had a chance to play Topps new handheld head-to-head baseball game, “Hot Button,” you’re in the process of striking out.

Sports Card Reviews: 2005 Upper Deck Artifacts
Sports Card Reviews by Mike Eisner: 2005 Upper Deck Artifacts

Topps Pack Wars
Whether you’ve ripped through a pack at your local hobby shop or Wal-Mart, in a stadium or at a Topps sponsored event, it’s safe to say that there is more to Pack Wars than just a bunch of colorful cardboard.

From Mike EIsner: 2005 Donruss Classics Baseball Cards
Have you ever wondered what truly makes a set a Classic? Well…look no further than 2005 Donruss Classics baseball – a Classic in its own time.

2004 Upper Deck SP Prospects Baseball
Throughout hobby circles everywhere the verdict is in – 2004 Upper Deck SP Prospects carries the most clout out of all the 2004 draft releases.

2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classics Baseball
Thanks to Upper Deck, Sweet Spot Classics brings the perfect mix of some of the biggest legends in baseball history encapsulated within one of the freshest card designs to date.

Upper Deck: 2004 Yankees Classics
Over the past few years, Upper Deck has brought collectors various New York Yankees-themed sets. There was 2003’s blockbuster Yankees Signature, which included a certified autograph per pack, for example

From Bowman/Topps: A Sterling Debut
First Topps brought us Bowman, then Bowman’s Best, followed by Bowman Chrome and Bowman Draft, thus creating “The Home of the Rookie Card.” Baseball Card Collecting!

Baseball: Upper Deck is Back in the Saddle with SP Prospects
From the depths of 40-man roster’s everywhere comes 2004 SP Prospects – an extensive collection of exclusive and low serial-numbered rookie cards.

Baseball Card Review: 2004 Donruss Elite Extra Edition
I’m having a hard time expressing the excitement that came over me as I ripped through each pack of 2004 Donruss Elite Extra Edition baseball. It reminds me of the old “Chocolate Cow” commercial from a number of years ago when the announcer was describing what it felt like to take a swig of the delectable soft drink.

Sports Card Reviews: At the Top(ps) of your Holiday Wishlist
With the holiday season fast approaching, Topps has released a bevy of products to soothe the cold weather and collecting itch of hobbyists across the world.

Sports Cards: A Very Upper Deck Christmas
Collecting Trading Cards? Find out more about some of the recent releases from Upper Deck, courtesy of Mike Eisner.

Sports Card Reviews: 2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot
2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Baseball Sports Card Reviews

The Sports Memorabilia Road Show Sets Sail
The Memorabilia Road Show Sets Sail.

Bowman Chrome Draft Picks/Prospects
With all the “hoopla” surrounding last year’s rookie class, (i.e. Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, et al.) it wasn’t a question of how much of an encore Topps would put forth, but rather when it would be unleashed to the collecting public.

Baseball Card Reviews: Topps Retired Baseball Card Signature Edition
Ever since its debut in 2003, Topps Retired Signature Edition maintained rank as one of the most collectible autographed cards in the hobby.

Fleer Inscribed Baseball -- Sports Card Review
What do you get when you stuff four big, fat, juicy, low-serial numbered game-worn memorabilia and/or autographed cards into an 12-count box of baseball cards?

Fleer E-X Baseball
Cracking a “box” of 2004 Fleer E-X baseball was an E-Xciting adventure, to say the least.

Upper Deck Legends: Timeless Teams
As the years evolve, our heroes get older and the vintage photographs captured on baseball cards capture a moment frozen in time. It’s that sentiment that makes 2004 Upper Deck Legends: Timeless Teams such a treat.

Topps Original Baseball Card Set -- Sports Cards
Packed with the encased, serial-numbered buy-back cards of hall-of-fame players like Willie Mays, Nolan Ryan, Frank Robinson, Yogi Berra, Tom Seaver and Dennis Eckersley, just to name a few, every $49.99 pack of 2004 Topps Originals is an event waiting to happen.

Etchings -- A Great Name for a Great Card Set
Upper Deck Etchings -- a great name for a great baseball card set.

Donruss Playoff Honors 2004 Baseball Sports Cards
As a whole, this box is affordable and can be had for anywhere between $65-85, depending on where you go. The base cards contain Donruss/Playoff’s signature top-notch photography, which we have all come to expect.

Donruss/Playoff 2004 Absolute Memorabilia
Hands-down - 2004 Absolute Memorabilia offers the best bang for your buck when it comes to a high-end baseball product.

Upper Deck Diamond Collection Pro Sigs
2004 Upper Deck Diamond Collection Pro Sigs that makes this debut set so popular anyway? Well, for starters – each card is jam-packed with a top quality action photograph and a facsimile autograph. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also randomly inserted short-printed rookie cards and certified rookie autographs, as well.

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