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Mike Eisner's Basketball Card Reviews

Mike Eisner's Basketball Card Reviews takes you into the world of Basketball collecting. Share his latest finds, what's hot, what's not and just what's inside those boxes of cards.

Upper Deck Hardcourt Basketball
This product has been a staple in the Upper Deck hardwood arsenal since 2000-01, when rookie cards of Kenyon Martin ruled the land, and Michael Jordan was still in the planning stages of his comeback with the Washington Wizards.

Upper Deck 2005-06 Trilogy Basketball
Back for an encore, Trilogy basketball packs one of the most powerful punches in the basketball card arena, bringing back to the parquet floor the same formula of unique autographed glass cards and superstar memorabilia cards that had the hobby buzzing last year.

MIke Eisner: Upper Deck SP Signature Basketball
Honestly, the only thing that we considered a drawback was the fact that opening a tin didn’t take long enough. I liken the opening of an SP Signature tin to that of eating a chocolate ice cream cone at Carvel – the thrill is quick and then its gone and it leaves you wanting more but you know that you can’t keep eating the ice cream because you’ll get fat and … well…you catch my drift.

Eisner's Reviews: Upper Deck SP Authentic Basketball
This year, however, Upper Deck pushed the envelope a tad bit further than they had in previous years by including autographed patch rookie cards as the first 100 of the autograph rookie card print run. Needless to say, these cards have been scorching hot on the secondary market and are more beautiful in hand than ever could be portrayed on a computer screen.

Basketball Cards: Upper Deck Game Used Basketball
Mike Eisner's review of the 2004 Upper Deck Basketball product.

Sports Card Reviews: 2004-05 Topps Luxury Box Basketball
Have you ever wondered what it would be like sitting in the “Luxury Box” at your local NBA hardwood palace? Well, if your interest has been peaked, jettison out to your local card shop and grab a box of Topps Luxury Box basketball for your shot at the best seats in the house.

Sports Card Reviews: Fleer Hoops Hot Prospects Basketball
Fleer Hoops Hot Prospects Basketball by Mike Eisner

Upper Deck Legends Basketball Cards 2004
Back for a 3rd tour of duty in its current form, Legends packs a powerful punch which includes scratch-off redemption cards, inserted at a rate of 1 per hobby box, good for the corresponding 2004 NBA Draft Pick that the card depicts. What this means for you? Well, you could pull the very first rookie cards of Dwight Howard, Ben Gordon or Jameer...

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