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Cookie jars are typically the number one search term in hot lists online, find out more about collecting cookie jars, as well as other fun kitchen stuff!
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Kitchen Collectibles
When visiting antique shops or malls, kitchen collectibles seem to be the most plentiful of all. They're fun to collect, usually whimsical and eye-catching on the counter.

Washing Cookie Jars and Other Pottery
This is how I wash my cookie jars and unfortunately they do need washing when they're kept in the kitchen.

Collecting Cartoon and Promotional Glasses
Glass collecting is a big cross-over collectible. Sports, cartoons, characters, movies, are all depicted on promotional glasses and sought by collectors specializing in those fields. Glasses can fit into all collecting budgets from a dollar or two, to glasses costing hundreds of dollars.

Cookie Jar Auction Prices
The following are a sampling of prices for the May 2010 Cookie Jar auction held by Mickelson Auction House

Cookie Jar Crafts
Have you broken a cookie jar lid? Or perhaps found a bargain at the flea market, but didn't know what to do with it? When you have many hundreds of jars like I do, a few lidless jars will always creep into the collection.

Gifts for Kitchen Collectors
As a cookie jar collector, I am always looking for related cookie and kitchen items. Here are a few things recently found online, I've already ordered one myself!

Reproductions and Fakes -- Cookie Jars
Be wise and beware when it comes to reproductions!

Resources for Collecting Little Red Riding Hood
When looking at Little Red Riding Hood jars for sale at online auctions sometimes they can all start looking the same. But not to an avid collector! There are differences and as far as values go - it's all in the details.

Check resources, find out what's rare and what not and never, ever buy a "McCoy" Little Red Riding Hood jar.

Roseville Pottery
Although Roseville jars look similar to each other, there are five different shapes -- check the handles to see the biggest difference in the designs.

Top 10 Cookie Jar Resources
Everyone smiles when they see a cookie jar collection! Many are transported back to their grandma's kitchen and getting home baked cookies from that special jars. And that's how many jar collections get started, collecting their childhood memories!

Top Mistakes Made by Cookie Jar Collectors
Top mistakes made by cookie jar collectors, learn from my mistakes

May 2013 Top Jar Sales
Collecting cookie jars, top jar sales on eBay for May 2013

Henry Cavanagh's Jars
Henry Cavanagh is well known for his art cookie jars, check out a few pictures here.

Henry Cavanagh
Henry Cavanagh turned hippos into cookie jars and became well-known for his artist jars.

Don Winton Article Index -- Twin Winton Index
Don Winton, legendary sculptor of Twin Winton Cookie jars, has also made his mark sculpting and designing items from athletic awards, Disney characters to sculpting for Presidential libraries.

Wolfe Designs Cookie Jars -- A Tour of Popular Artist Jars
Kathy Wolfe is well known for her Big Boy cookie jars, but she also produces licensed jars for Kentucky Fried chicken, Perdue Pete and San Jose Sharks.

Negatha Peterson and Erwin Pottery
Learn more about Negatha Peterson and Erwin Pottery

The Denise Teeters' Limited Edition Jars
Denise Teeters started producing jars over 20 years ago, stopped for a while and now she's back at it again with several new jars that have one thing in common. They're all adorable.

JD James Pottery Resources
When J.D. and Pat started producing the jars, the reproduction problem that we see today had not get started. There are some that might say the problem started then, but times were different. When faced with wanting e.g. a American Bisque Mohawk Indian, most collectors could not afford to pay thousands for the original jar, nor was it easily found. The J.D. version was still costly, selling for $…

Animals and Company
Animals & Company Pottery and cookie jars, a Sante Fe New Mexico company in the eighties and nineties.

Cookie Jar Company Glossary
Contact information on companies producing cookie jars today.

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