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The $6750 Cloverbud Smiley Pig


The $6750 Cloverbud Smiley Pig
Kent Mickelson Auction Company
$6750. for a Smiley Pig by Shawnee, yes, you read that right. That was the price realized at the recent Kent Mickelson Auction House, when the last of the collection of author Ermagene Westfall, An Illustrated Value Guide to Cookie Jars, was auctioned off.

This Shawnee jar sold at the auction in July 2002. These pictures were cropped down to just show these jars, hence the small size. But still large enough to show the rare pattern on these jars. Just in case you wanted to keep an eye out for more!

Note: This price is definitely the exception. Smiley jars typically sell in the range of $200. - $750. with gold trimmed jars and unusual decals fetching much higher prices. The particular combination of decal and gold, along with two collectors vying for the same jar, made the auction price soar. Marked: USA

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