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The $1250 Gold Trimmed Cloverbud Winnie


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Cloverbud Winnie

Kent Mickelson Auction Company
This gold-trimmed Winnie pig jar sold for $1250. with a 1" hairline! The jar was part of the collection from author Ermagene Westfall, An Illustrated Value Guide to Cookie Jars.

This jar was part of the same auction that had the $6750. Smiley and was purchased by a different buyer (picture is in this gallery).

Note: Winnie jars typically sell in the range of $300. - $800. with gold trimmed and unusual decal jars fetching higher prices.

  • Cloverbud Winnie
  • Mark: USA
  • Size: 11 ½" high (can vary slightly)
  • Patented in 1944
  • Sold Price: $1250
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