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If any company rivals Coca Cola in the number of cookie jars, it would be the M & M jars. The adorable characters are on both cookie and candy jars. These can be found in discount stores in the holiday sections, online from the M & M store and in the M & M World store in Las Vegas.

As a collector of advertising cookie jars, it's hard to resist the new jars that show up. I really like the vintage pieces, but in a few years the new will be "old" and might be hard to find. So, I give in and pick up the new advertising jars when I see them.

Other interesting jars not shown in the gallery include:
In the 2001 the M & M (mail) catalog featured a large bag of Yellow M & M Bag "Caught in the Act", the jar is sculpted in 3D detail and is $43.

A brown bag of M & M's was offered around the same time as the yellow bag and at least three different versions of larger character jars in the different candy colors.

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M & M Haunted HouseM & M Christmas Candy ShoppeM & M Factory JarM & M Small Jars
M & M World JarM & M Patriotic FlagM & M Christmas TreeM & M Limousine Candy Jar
M & M Classic Jar
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