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The Taxi Collector
Hey Taxi!
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Earlier this year I was at the home of two avid collectors, David Blair and Daniel Darwish. Although there were wonderful displays throughout the home, the one that really caught my eye was the Daniel's colorful taxi cab collection. It made me say "Wow" as I walked in the front door. He collects taxis, all sorts of taxis and related memorabilia. Daniel was gracious enough to spend some time chatting with me and answering questions about his fun collection.

How long have you been collecting taxi related items, what was the item that started you on your way?
I started the collection about 1985 with a cute sugar bowl taxi that was part of a small lunch set. Years later I kicked myself for not buying the whole set. Over time, I've reconstructed most of the set, adding plates and mugs, but have still never found the creamer.

Hats, ornaments, cookie jars (including Appleman and Cavanagh), teapots, badges, some figures -- what else?
Watches, playing cards, matchbook covers, ashtrays, cufflinks, earrings, plush toys, vintage metal taxis, coin banks, snow globes, lunch plates, books, magazines, photographs, post cards, record albums, wine bottles, Avon cologne bottles, 1/43 metal models from around the world!

I also have a collection of Good Humor Truck stuff, but stopped THAT collection early as the collectables were far and too few. I almost bought a REAL 1953 Ford Good Humor Truck, but thought better of it.

I also used to collect Belgian medals and military/civil decorations dating back to World War I. It was very high end stuff and had to live in a bank vault. One day I tired of paying for it and never seeing it, so sold the entire collection to a lone collector for HUGE bucks.

How many cookie jars and taxi cab driver hats do you have?
I have seventeen hats from all eras and about twenty cookie jars.

I love the way you displayed all the taxi stuff in your home, is that display up year-round?
The items in the five cabinets are a year-round display. If I could find two more matching IKEA cabinets, there would be 7! On occasion, I change minor pieces out, but the main jars are always on display.

The lesser mass production artist jars, (McCoy, etc) are stored away. Each displayed taxi jar is filled with smaller taxi "things". And for every piece you see on display, there are perhaps another five - with pieces of assorted taxi memorabilia in storage.

I really need to sell off the minor stuff, but the low-end pieces are not very collectable in this economy. I really have NO idea how many pieces there are in my entire collection. Once my collecting started turning into an accumulation, I stopped buying anything other than the most unique pieces. Anymore, I tend to search eBay by "highest price first" as that tends to cut to the chase and isolate the most unique and rare items.

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