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Miscellaneous Hopalong Cassidy Values


Below is a list of miscellaneous Hopalong Cassidy Collectible prices as supplied by author Joe Caro.
  • Oil painting of Hoppy
    (used on book cover) commissioned by Bill Boyd in 1949 for Hoppy creator, author Clearance Mulford.
    Painting is valued at $13,000.
  • Assorted Color Drinking Straws
    Box has Hoppy cut-out on reverse side.
    Straws are valued at $160.
  • Hoppy Pencil Sharpener
    Plastic image of Hoppy, sharpener on back side.
    Valued at $60.
  • Hoppy Coloring and Paint Set
    Medium size. Three glass bottles once contained poster paints and have image of Hoppy on each cap. Set includes cowboy pallet and Hoppy crayons.
    Valued at $275.
  • Pencil Case
    Cardboard diecut. Case contained a Hoppy pencil, a clear ruler, eraser and plastic pen nib.
    Valued at $175.
  • Hoppy Lunch Pail w/Thermos
    Metal 'Cloud' shaped decal indicates this was one of the first boxes produced, circa 1949. Both box and bottle made by Aladdin Industries.
    Value of both in 'very good' condition is $375.
  • Plastic Zoomerang gun
    Box with wear, circa 1951.
    Valued at $350.
  • Black Felt Banner
    18" Item was sold at events and Cole Bros. Circus special performances. Rare version with Hoppy standing without horse, Topper.
    Valued at $175.
  • Hoppy Lamps
    Plastic with revolving scene in mint condition, $850.
    Ceramic 'bullet' lamp - $450.
    Lamp with shade in mint condition - $1,100. "Topper" horse head lamp with shade - $1,600.
  • Arvin Radio
    Metal. Table radio
    Valued at $650. (in box with instructions $1,500)
  • Cap Gun
    Made by George Schmidt Company.
    Mint condition - $450.
  • U.S. Time Alarm Clock
    Mint condition - $875. (with box and papers - $1,300.)
  • Hoppy Hand Puppet
    $375. mint
  • Binoculars in box with case
  • Stringless Marionette
  • Two-Gun Holster Set
    Made by George Schmidt Company
    Matching Wrist Cuffs $300.
  • Pencil Shaped Pencil Cases
    Plastic, in a variety of colors
    $400. each
  • "Hoppy-Aid" Drink Mix
    Empty packet
  • Hoppy Trail Knife
    Mint condition - $350.

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