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Christmas collectibles come in every price range and every style, as well as hand-crafted in a variety of mediums. Holiday collecting is also one thing that almost everyone who celebrates Christmas enjoys. Taking out those treasured ornaments that belonged to grandparents, the handmade paper creations made by the kids many years ago and enjoying the new ones that come out to tempt us every year -- that's what collecting is all about. Memories and good times.
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Resources for Collectors

The holidays are the prefect time to enjoy collections and share them with family and friends. But wouldn't it be even more amazing to enjoy them all year long? That's what members of the Golden Glow does, a huge summer convention and newsletters all year long.

Be sure to also check out Celebrate 365 and some of my favorite books for holiday collecting.

Ornaments for the Tree

Actually ornaments don't always need to be hung on the tree. People hang them from chandeliers, in garlands, special ones can hang from little stands or even in a large glass bowl. Sparkly and glittery pieces are available for all holidays and occasions obviously for Christmas, but also Chanukah, Halloween, Fourth of July, Easter and even birthdays.

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths can be as individual as a Christmas tree. From professionally designed pieces from the florist, to cute, crafty wreaths and my favorites, the ones adorned with collectibles. Decorating a wreath with collectibles is a great way to show off your treasures without putting up another tree.

Personal favorites include Jim's Wreath, Santa Wreath and Raggedy Ann shown here.


Some articles just don't fit into any other category -- that's what this one is all about!

Antique and Vintage Christmas

Collecting vintage Christmas is not as hard as one might think, there is something for every budget and every collecting genre. The more interesting pieces are the ones that are often off the beaten track and often it's fun to have it as a subcategory of what you already collect. If you like stamps -- look for Christmas stamps, pottery -- holiday serving pieces, dolls -- Christmas ones.

Christmas Ephemera

Postcards, scraps, diecuts and crackers would all come under the label of ephemera -- those lovely items that were not meant to last long, but thankfully did. Now many years from the time they were produced they help give us a great look back at the history of the holiday.

Folk and Contemporary Christmas Artists

Contemporary folk artists become more sought after every year, although one shouldn't always collect with the idea of items gaining in value, many of these popular artists works do just that.

Nativities and Creche Collecting

For many families, Christmas is not complete until their creche is set up either under the tree or in an honored spot in the house. Since a nativity set is often handed down to future generations, choose carefully and find one that you will be proud to display

Christmas Crafting with Collectibles

Crafting can go hand and hand with collecting and in some cases, those same collectibles are used in crafting. Here are some fun things that use vintage and modern collectibles in crafting projects.

Decorating Tips for Collectors

Everyone usually has their own ideas on when to put the Christmas tree, how to decorate it and what type of ornaments they like to buy. But if you're a Christmas collector -- it's a no holds barred type of atmosphere usually with a little bit of everything. And in some cases, a lot of everything.

Companies that Celebrate Christmas

There are many companies that create holiday collectibles and decorative items, but there are only a few that are synonomous with the word Christmas. Hallmark is the first one that comes to mind. Doesn't everyone have at least a few Hallmark ornaments.

Santa Claus

Antique Santas are very collectible as evidenced by the prices at antique shows and shops. It pays to do a little research if you are looking for the very old pieces. Some of the materials used to make the antique Santas include bits of cotton batting, paper-mache, chenille, twigs and die cut scraps. There are also old glass light bulbs, tin toys and blown glass ornaments. Just about everything you can imagine is made into the image of Santa Claus.

Christmas Trees

A Christmas tree is, of course, the focal point of Christmas decorating. Many collectors find it hard to stop at just one and the more you have, the more you want just the right tree to show off those treasured collections.

Holiday Collectors

Holiday collectors can be just about anyone. The collector who buys an occasional annual Hallmark ornament or the person who loves snowmen might not consider themselves collectors, but they are!

Of course there are collectors who are on the other end of the scale. Those who collect year-round and extensively. They might below to the Golden Glow or another association devoted to the holidays.

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