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Picking the Right Christmas Tree


You're a collector with beautiful ornaments that should be shown to their best advantage. What type of tree is best? Do you want a traditional green tree or are you willing to go outside the box for a Christmas tree that may be a little different, but lots of fun? What about a rotating tree stand?

Have you thought about lights, do you want a tree that's Pre-Lit, StayLit or no lights? So many options and so confusing!

Explore these choices to find the best pick for your home and collections.

StayLit Tree

There is nothing more aggravating then spending an hour or two working on a tree that doesn't light up and trying to figure out what darn light was out or broken on the pre-lit tree. Sound familiar? This tree will definitely appeal to you.

On these new trees, the lights stay lit even when one is broken or missing, how cool is that? The lights are by NOMA.

The StayLit trees are bit pricey when compared to regular pre-lit trees, but since I've thrown a whole tree away in exasperation, it would definitely be worth it for me.

Over the years new manufacturers have come on board with trees that have lights that always stay on. Be sure to check how the lights look to be sure you are happy with the end result.

TIP: The "cool" white lights have a very blueish glow about them, I personally stay away from that color and go for a warm light color or multi-colored lights. More on StayLit trees.

Feather Trees, Antique and New

Connie Porcher
To be blunt about it, feather trees are not for everyone. First of all they're costly, hard to find, fragile and can be a challenge to decorate. Connie Porcher didn't have any problems decorating this feather tree, but most don't look as wonderful as this one does.

There are several ways to go when buying a feather tree -- antiques, feather trees made by artists and imported feather trees from China.

New handmade feather trees are expensive and antique feather trees are very expensive. One option to achieve this look would be to look for an imported feather tree from one of the well-known importers or at your local holiday stores. They will be considerably less than an antique or artist-made Christmas tree.

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Sampling of Antique Tree Prices

Hyper-Realistic Tree

Courtesy of ChristmasTreeforMe.com
If you're looking for the most realistic tree available without a trip to the forest, this is the one for you. But it's not for those who hang lots of ornaments on their Christmas tree. Because of the way the tree is constructed, the tips of the hyper-realistic branches are not wired and cannot hold any weight. Before buying this type of tree, decide if you want lots of ornaments or are more interested in the realistic look.

Just to confuse matters, there is a tree that combines the best of both worlds -- the hybrid tree.

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Hyper-Realistic Trees

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Upside Down Christmas Trees

Courtesy of Glasslinks.Org
Recent articles might make one think upside-down Christmas trees are a newer trend, but upside-down Christmas trees are not a new fad at all. Store decorators have used them for years and many collectors like the trees for the way ornaments are displayed. But the little known fact is upside-down trees are an old European tradition. These links are to a few of these different look trees that you might want to consider for your holiday decorating.

Gallery of Upside Down Tree Pictures

Compare Prices

Compare Prices

Red Christmas Trees

Courtesy of ChristmasTreeforMe.com
The last few years have seen loads of color trees, with RED being one of the really hot colors. People love red trees and I understand the feeling. About six years ago I really wanted a red tree and couldn't find one, so what did I do? I bought an inexpensive white tree and about three cans of red spray paint. No I am not kidding. It worked, but didn't have the rich, deep colors of today's trees. It had more of a light red tone to it, but worked for me. Actually I didn't care if the tree wasn't a deep red, not after inhaling all those paint can fumes.

That's not a problem any longer, today you can get a gorgeous red tree, complete with red wired lights.

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Tabletop Christmas Trees

Tabletop trees are perfect for those who don't have the room for a full-size tree, but also for those who love to have Christmas touches throughout the house.

There are endless choices, but some of my choices would be a small antique feather tree, a live tree with Radko or one of the fun trees made for avid collectors.

Water Bubble Tree

Barbara Crews
We bought one of these very unusual trees a few years ago. I must admit I figured it was either going to be the tackiest tree I ever saw or the coolest. The cool factor won out and several people actually bought bubble trees after our annual Christmas party. When we first put the tree up, I couldn't decide on how to decorate it, but it does beg for an aquarium theme, so that's what we going with now.

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Aquarium Bubble Tree

Black Christmas Trees

Courtesy of Christmas Tree for Me
Lots of collectors love black trees for Halloween, but in the past two or three years, they've become popular for Christmas decorating. If you're interested in a black tree, get one early in season, before they're all sold out.

More on Black Christmas Trees

Traditional Green: PVC Realistic

Courtesy of ChristmasTreeforMe.com
The traditional PVC tree is the most common artificial tree made and uses the bottle brush technique.

According to Bill Quinn of Christmas Tree for Me, it's a great tree for those who like to load their tree with ornaments.

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Vintage Aluminum Trees

Barbara Crews
Vintage aluminum trees from the 1950s and 1960s are for those interested in a vintage look, willing to pay the price and put up with the hassle of branches that easily fall off. Which also means that the tree is not for fragile ornaments.

Today's tinsel trees "sort of" duplicate the look, but they're certainly not the same. This picture shows a small new tinsel tree in the foreground with two authentic aluminum trees.

Want to know how much to pay for an old aluminum tree? Check these Christmas Tree prices from online auctions.

Tinsel Trees

Courtesy of ChristmasTreeforMe.com
New tinsel trees are reminiscent of the vintage aluminum trees from the 50s and 60s, but without the hefty price or the hassle. Bright red, coppers, purples, blue, lime green, gold or silver -- tree colors, pick from a virtual rainbow of trees for your home.

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White Christmas Trees

Courtesy of Bonnie C and Glasslinks.org
Nothing is quite as elegant as a white tree. White trees come in a variety of styles and sizes, upside-down, as well as pre-lit or not lit at all.

This tree decorated by Bonnie C. is done with mirror balls, acrylic icicles, white snowballs in various materials, acrylic snowflakes, and anything else white, mirror or acrylic, as well as a lot of white "fuzzy" stars. She also used white feather boas that were pushed into the tree before the ornaments were added.

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