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Collecting Chalkware Santas from Vaillancourt


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Collecting Chalkware Santas from Vaillancourt

Chalkware and Moulds

Vaillancourt Folk Art
Chalkware was once known as "poor man's Staffordshire. It's what people who didn't have much money would buy as a decorative, often to sit on the mantel. Gary said "our studio's process is identical to what was done years ago. The only difference is the moulds we use and we pour solid as opposed to hollow.

Museum people did not like us using the same term - chalkware - even though the process is the same. So we coined it 'contemporary chalkware' to avoid confusion and because it is different from the antique chalkware; as we were the first to use oil paints to the medium.

In the old days moulds were used, but were poured hollow. The colors were bright and garish, often whimsical. Because the pieces were hollow they didn't survive and didn't have much value. The vintage confectionary moulds used by Vaillancourt are extremely detailed and although the product and process is the same, they have included an additive that makes the product more durable than the products of old chalkware.

Carnival prizes in the early 20th century were also made of chalkware.

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