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The Upside Down Christmas Tree


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The Finished Christmas Tree
The Upside Down Christmas Tree
Barb Crews
The upside-down Christmas tree is finished. There are hundreds of ornaments hanging from the tree. I used glittery and solid red pipe cleaners to attach each ornament. Because of the nature of the tree, hanging ornaments really are shown to their best advantage.

Under the tree, standing on stacked boxes, are a collection of Lynn Haney Santa Claus figures. The bookcase to the left of the tree has a collection of ornaments, Santa figurines, Christmas books and toys. On the top of the bookcase is a Bliss dollhouse, a small vintage die cut Santa and a small tree filled with antique glass garlands.

Decorating Tips

  • An upside down tree will look best filled with large ornaments that can hang freely. Since the individual ornaments might be hard to see up close, the larger the better.
  • Secure the ornaments with your ornament hook of choice, but because these were large and heavy pieces pipe cleaners were used, red and white to go with the overall theme of the tree. Other choices might be florist wire to blend in better or ribbons.
  • Because there is a large empty space under an upside down tree, this is your change to put up a train set, have an amazing village set-up, or other vignettes with your special collections.
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