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Old World Christmas Santa Night Lights


For twenty-five years Old World Christmas has produced an annual Santa Night Light.

The inspiration for the first light was a plastic Santa figure that was owned by Tim Merck's grandmother when he was growing up. Since the company was already designing and manufacturing light covers, the Santa Night Light was a natural addition.

Over the years the values and prices for the Santa Night Lights have risen, typically night lights over three or four years old can sell for anywhere from double to three times their issue price. Older night lights from the very early years have sold for as high as $1000.

A complete text list of all the night lights is shown here.

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2013 Santa with Penguin Pals2012 Down the Chimney Santa Light2011 Radiant Santa Light2010 Fanciful Santa Light
2009 Patchwork Santa Light2008 Santa's Helper Light2007 Nordic Santa Light2006 Santa with Sled Light
1985 Standing Santa Light
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