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35 Years of 45 RPM Record Collection


35 Years of 45 RPM Record Collection
Neiman Marcus
This is the music you grew up, or perhaps your parents grew up with. Would you believe 18,400 records, virtually every record that was listed in the Billboard Top 100 Rock and Pop charts from January 1, 1955 through December 31, 1990.

Just thinking of all the artists and treasured songs are mind-boggling. Now, to figure out a place to store 18,400 records.

Price: $275,000.
Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2008

Other fantasy gifts, not pictured in this image gallery, include:

  • A limited edition (45) Fighter Motorcycle. Made by the Confederate Motor Company®, the first ever Fighter packs 190 mph of performance.
    Price: $110,000.00
  • Michael Jantzen's M-Velope is a 15-foot high by 14-foot wide by 17-foot deep creation of functional art built with a steel frame. All its hinged wood panel frames open, move, and close at your whim.
  • Backyard Jack Nicklaus Golf Course. Nicklaus will study the grounds, photos and maps for the site and then will create a formal plan for up to three holes and practice area. He'll even come by to play the first round for you, after autographing your new set of Nicklaus clubs. Unfortunately construction costs are not included in the price.
    Price: $1,000,000.00
  • Guinness Pub in your home. It's a fully functional Irish pub custom-built and includes Guiness artifacts, as well as a keg dispening unit and a years supply of fresh Guiness draught. Plus you'll get to a first-class trip to Dublin and the St. James's Gate brewery.
    Price: $250,000.00
  • A Harlem Globetrotters experience ($110,000.00); a LE (31) 2009 BMW 7 Series Sedan ($160,000.00); and a Three Chimnews Thoroughbred Racing Package ($10,000,000.00) round out the fantasy gifts for 2008.
Source: Neiman Marcus
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