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"Fake" Non-Edible Gingerbread Ornaments


When you don't have the fragrance of a real Christmas tree, fake scents just don't do it. That's why I like to make these ornaments every few years and hang them from our kitchen gingerbread decorated tree. The smells will last two or three years and bring a holiday smell to the house.

Non-Edible Gingerbread Ornaments

3/4 cup applesauce
1 cup cinammon
1 TB nutmeg
1/2 TB cloves
2 TB white household glue

  1. Stir all ingredients together in a glass or metal bowl until well mixed and smooth -- several minutes.
  2. Take a portion of the dough and roll out between two pieces of waxed paper to the thickness of a cookie.
  3. Cut out dough with a gingerbread cookie cutter. Use a straw to make a hole for adding ribbon later.
  4. Let dry on the wax paper for a few hours until easy to handle, then transfer to a wire racks to dry at room temperatures for a few days. I usually flip them over several times a day which will make them dry flatter.
  5. When ready to use, tie a ribbon through the hole and enjoy the wonderful smell -- but make sure no one tries to eat them.
These non-edible ornaments will last for a long time, but the scent will slowly fade after a year or two.

Note: Keep out of reach of children or pets that might try and eat these!

Note: Gingerbread clip art adapted from KidsTurnCentral.com clip art gallery.

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