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Collecting Vintage Children's Greeting Cards

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Collecting Vintage Children's Greeting Cards Barbara Crews

The Bottom Line

This book fills a void in the world of collector books -- greeting cards, more specifically children's greeting cards. Lots of information can be found on postcards, but trying to find more about greeting cards can be frustrating. No more.
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  • Finally, resource information about a subject not previously covered.
  • The images are terrific, clear and colorful.
  • Values appear to be well researched.


  • None


  • Cards values can show a wide range, but that is expected when Internet auctions are factored in.
  • Each greeting card image has the card size, markings and values.
  • Categories include common subjects, as well as signed artist cards and licensed characters.
  • Tips and hints for collecting cards will have you on your way to refining or starting a collection.

Guide Review - Collecting Vintage Children's Greeting Cards

You have to admit you love them -- those cute little kid greeting cards. But trying to find more about them, e.g. the artist that created them, a time frame or even the values has been almost impossible until now.

Author Linda McPherson has been collecting children's greeting cards for years and decided it was time to share her experiences and expertise with us. Her use of appealing pictures and informative comments will soon have you looking for cards for your own collection.

Collecting children's greeting cards is certainly an affordable hobby, the majority of values shown in the book are $10 and under. There are several collections shown that can sell for quite a bit more, such as the doll cards from Hallmark, but as McPherson mentions -- be patient. Prices for the same card can vary widely online, but unless the card is extremely rare, you will usually find it at an affordable price.

Tips and hints on starting a collection and taking care of your cards is covered in the beginning chapter, including a note specifically to the sellers of cards. As in all collectibles, condition matters and cards are sometimes damaged when removed from scrapbooks, so it's suggested that sellers leave the cards as-is and let the buyers, who probably have more expertise, remove cards from the backing.

As you can probably tell, I love this book and now I'm off to eBay to try and find a few of the Rudolph cards for my Christmas collection!

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