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Ornament Hangers and Hooks for the Tree


If you're taking the time to buy, collect and display beautiful holiday ornaments, it's important to hang them to their best advantage. The choices for hangers and hooks are numerous -- decorative or functional, easy-to-use or time-consuming, inexpensive or costly.

The most important consideration is security and strength, but you'll still want them to look good. Price isn't always the best way to choose. Sometimes cheapest is best!

1. Decorative Ornament Hangers

Beautiful ornament hooks can really enhance exquisite crystal, silver or glass ornaments. Prices can be as much as several dollars per hanger. Etsy has a nice selection of hangers handmade by crafters. If you're looking for something very special, do a search on their web site.

Suggested Uses:

  • Feather or feather type trees with elegant ornaments. The branches are far apart which allows an ornament to hang free. These ornament hooks will be a part of the whole display.

2. More Decorative Ornament Hangers

There are other less-costly, but still decorative, options for ornament hangers. Bronners sells swirl shaped hooks for around $11. for 50 pieces. There are other hangers also available on this site, add decorative ornament hangers to the search box for the most results.

Suggested Uses:

  • Feather or feather type trees with elegant ornaments. The branches are far apart which allows an ornament to hang free. These ornament hooks will be a part of the whole display.
Note: Sometimes I've found it necessary to use needle nose pliers to make the bottom loop a bit smaller.

3. Steel Hooks

Vermont Country Store
Steel ornament hooks from Vermont Country Store are touted as being made "like the old days" of strong steel. Depending on the type of ornament, this could be an excellent choice. But with my glass pieces, I like something that bends a little and can be wrapped around the branches.

Suggested Uses:

  • Best for heavy ornaments that need a sturdy hanger.
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4. Ribbons

Ribbon is an attractive option for ornaments. Buy narrow ribbons in your choice of colors, thread through the loops and tie a bow to hold the pieces in place. Pre-cut and pre-tied ribbons hangers are also available and inexpensive, but color choices are not always the best.

Suggested Uses:

  • Can be used on almost any type of tree or ornament where a little extra color or shimmer is wanted. Depending on the colors used, ribbon is will make a tree look more elegant or, in the case of bright colored ribbons, add a fun look.

    Note: Some of the plastic ornaments hoops are so small that it would be not only time-consuming, but a test in patience to use ribbons.

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5. Floral Wire / Pipe Cleaners

Floral wire is a sturdy option for those heavy pieces that need to be carefully secured. It's inexpensive, can be cut to the size needed and will definitely keep ornaments secure.

Pipe cleaners are also used to secure ornaments. You can pick the color to match the trim or tree, they're easily bent and won't scratch an ornament.

Suggested Uses:

  • When you're looking for strong and sturdy, these are the best choices! Wire can be twisted around the loop and also around the branch of the tree.

6. Commercial (Discount Store) Wire Hooks

There's a reason why these are so popular, they're easy to use and very cheap! Usually less than a penny a piece. I use the longer ones and twist both the top and bottom hooks to tightly secure to both the tree and the ornament. Available in silver, gold or green.

Use these on:

  • Plastic ornaments such as Hallmark or Carlton with tiny metal loops on the top.
  • Fragile, but lightweight ornaments.

7. Commercial (Discount Store) Plastic Hangers

These simple hooks are great for heavy ornaments, easy to use and are very secure. They're great if the young ones are helping decorate the trees. The only downside is they don't always "blend" into the tree and aren't the most attractive.

Suggested Uses:

  • Use on green trees. The plastic will not work on small loops typically found on plastic Hallmark or Carlton ornaments. I've often doubled these, using two on one ornament, for heavy glass ornaments.

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