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Christmas Ornaments for Everyone


It's always been my contention that you can find a collectible for just about anyone on your Christmas list. Something that will fit their personality, hobby or occupation. I made that my mission with this list of Christmas ornaments. My goal was to find something for a wide variety of folks, some I knew well and some not so well. I picked a few of the Guides on About.com to see what ornaments I could find for them.

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Knitting Owl

Recommended for knitters, bird lovers.
Inspired by Sarah White, Knitting Guide and Melissa Mayntz, Birding Guide.

This is the ornament that inspired this whole article because I kept thinking what a perfect gift it would be for Sarah. I bookmarked this little guy a few months back and every time I would go on Etsy, I would look at the ornament again. I knew I would be buying him. Just hadn't gotten around to it yet. I finally bought the knitting owl and can't wait for him to arrive. The husband and wife team at Scratchcraft are very talented, all their pieces are adorable and reasonably priced for the work that is put into making them.

The owl is handcrafted -- felted, knitted and sewed. Size is 2.75" x 3" and priced at under $25.

P.S. There is also a crocheting owl for Amy Solovay, our Guide to Crocheting.

Fresh Paisley

Recommended for crafters and stampers
Inspired by Kate Pullen, Rubber Stamping Guide

This one reminds me some of Kate's projects where she designs and customizes papers to use as gift wrap or bags. This particular ornament is one that gives back, as it is exclusive to the MD Anderson Children's Art Project and all proceeds benefit their cause. The perfect ornament for that crafty person who loves to customize gifts and paper goods for their friends.

The glass ornament was created by Jingle Nog, is mouth-blown glass ornament and made in Europe.

The hand-painted piece is 3" x 3-3/4" x 2-1/2", sells for $54.

Flower Conservatory

Recommended for gardeners, landscapers and flower lovers everywhere.
Inspired by Kerry Michaels, Container Gardening

Flowers in a conservatory are grown in containers, making this a good choice for Kerry. I can even imagine the soft floral smell of blooms just by looking at this colorful piece by Christina's World. What a gorgeous piece for that gardener in your life.

Christina is well known for her ornament balls with beautifully painted flowers, take a peek at some of the other beauties on her website.

Size is 4", priced at $40.

Read more about Christina's World ornaments.

Dill Ornament

Recommended for herbalists, gardeners and folks who love to cook.
Inspired by Amy Jeanroy, Herb Gardens Guide

Another beauty from Christina's World. Who would have thought a herb would be a good subject for a holiday ornament? The soft colors on this ball would also work for those who like to do a springtime or even an Easter tree.

Priced at $30, the ornament is sized at 4.41".

Francis Bacon Quote

© Library of Congress
Recommended for librarians, book lovers and avid readers.
Inspired by Esther Lomardi, Classic Literature Guide

The annual ornament from The Library of Congress depicts the dome of the Thomas Jefferson building, along with Francis Bacon's quote Reading maketh a full man. A quote carved in the Great Hall of the Jefferson building.

The antiqued brass and resin ornament is 2.5" and sells for $24.95.

Second choice for Esther would be the Classic Books ornament from Ornaments to Remember.

Black Cat in Christmas Lights

© PriceGrabber.com
Recommended for pet owners, cat lovers and those who just love a touch of whimsy on their Christmas trees.
Inspired by Franny Syufy, Cat Guide

Curious cats, typical of the cat checking out all the Christmas stuff and trying to get into trouble. Since it's resin, it shouldn't break when your cat climbs into the Christmas tree or decides to hide in the branches.

The price is reasonable and there is space to personalize with a paint pen.

Other good choices for cat lover ornaments would be Hallmark ornaments, this year's Purrfect Cat is adorable.

Compare Prices

Nostalgic Houses and Shops

Recommended for miniaturists and doll house crafters.
Inspired by Lesley Shepard, Miniatures Guide

For 29 years, the very popular Hallmark series, Nostalgic Houses and Shops have delighted collectors, especially those who love miniatures and doll houses. The piece for 2012 is Mama's Ristorante Italiano and it looks just like the neighborhood spot in my son's Brooklyn neighborhood.

Gingerbread House

Bakers, gingerbread house creators and little kids will all love this almost good enough to eat gingerbread house.
Inspired by Barbara Rolek, Eastern European Food Guide

Nothing says Christmas more than a freshly made gingerbread house. The Joy to the World's Gingerbread House ornament is one of the best I've seen. It looks good enough to eat, it's just missing the wonderful smell that comes from the baking. One of the best things about this particular ornament? It's an exclusive with the Childrens Art Children's Art Project with MD Anderson which funds patient-focused programs that make life better for children with cancer.

If you miss the smell, try my non-edible applesauce gingerbread ornaments to add a great smell to your trees.


Recommended for nature lovers and little boys who love bugs!
Inspired by Debbie Hadley, Insects Guide.

How about a colorful grasshopper? I've seen numerous dragonfly ornaments, but not too many grasshoppers. This little guy is pretty cute -- for a bug. Sold by Ornaments to Remember, he is a free blown ornament, made in Europe and sells for $38.

The Grasshopper ornament would be a fun addition to a spring tree filled with flowers, peeking out from one of the branches.

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