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Slavic Treasures
Barb Crews
Who could have imagined that starting an engineering and architectural firm in Krakow would result in being voted the "Collectors Favorite at Rosemont" eight years later. A recent telephone interview with Glenn Lewis, the founder of Slavic Treasures, told of the interesting journey his life has taken in the past few years. Lewis told me "I came here (Krakow) at the end of '92 and was intensively involved in the renovation and rebuilding of southern Poland. I also met and later married my wife, Basia, in April 1994. We now have two daughters, Allyson is 3 and Nicole is 13 months. Both girls are also dual citizens.

In 1992 Lewis co-founded a Polish-American architectural firm named Wizja and their first major project was the Krakow Jetport. Wizja also was involved with a major study regarding individual housing and a redevelopment plan for the Kazimierz Jewish District in Krakow (where Oscar Schindler's factory was located). Lewis didn't even think about blown glass until 1995 when he was working on a ventilation project for an independent glass manufacturer. One thing lead to another with the glass manufacturer eventually asking Lewis for business advice. Lewis wound up finally agreeing to help the company by representing their products in the US.

Fast forward a few years during which time Lewis was continually frustrated because he knew what "could be" with the glass, but was not happening, e.g. hyper-realism and technical advances with the glass medium (think free-blown). Lewis also tired of being the middle man and knew there was a place for his ideas in blown glass. He also knew that there were big gaps in the industry -- the things he wanted to do.

Before striking out on their own (with partner Dave Wegerek), Lewis tried to sell the idea of the University Glasscots to a few companies, but no one was interested in the idea. Living in North Carolina with great schools nearby and knowing how folks feel about "their" schools, Lewis just couldn't believe that there were companies licensing numerous food company logos, but no one was licensing university mascots.

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