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Gifts to Give, Get and to Forget

Gifts to give, gifts you've gotten and gifts you might want to forget!

Baby's First Christmas Ornaments
Looking for a precious gift for that new addition to the family? Buy a very special ornament for baby's first Christmas. Toys won't last forever, but an ornament can be around for a very long time. We still look back and remember ornaments my son got for his first Christmas and he's 28!

Prices are for every budget from $10. to over well $100.

Christmas Antique-Inspired Balance Toys
Balance Toys based on the antique toys are whimsical additions to your Christmas collection.

Collectible Gifts for Non-Collectors
It's always easy for me to buy for another collector, it's those non-collectors who are always a challenge. Non-collectors usually don't want anything that will get them involved with more stuff, especially if it's not useful. That's why these presents are perfect. One is enough and can stand alone as a gift or decorative item and won't make them feel like a collector, unless they so choose..

Great Gifts for Collectors and Non-Collector Friends!
It's always hard to buy for a collector, especially if you don't know what they have in their collection or are very particular about their stuff. Worry no more! Here's a list of gifts that I give, get and covet! There are items that almost all collectors would relish getting, things that we can all use.

His Story, a Beaded Bracelet
According to the folks at Collectibles Today, "consumers are spending more of their holiday dollars this year on religous Christian gifts." And the His Story beaded bracelet by Roman Inc. would fit into this category. Made by Roman Inc.

Memorable and Treasured Gifts
Memorable and treasured gifts, what is the one gift you'll always remember. One that you'll never forget, read what collectors say are the gifts they remember most.

Neiman Marcus' Christmas Catalogs and Books
Every fall there's one Holiday Catalog that makes the news - The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book filled with wonderful items from the fantasy pieces to the more affordable gifts. The famous Christmas Book started as a Christmas card in 1915. The card invited customers to start their holiday shopping. It wasn't until 1926 that the next Christmas...

Sharing Your Collections
Sharing my collections, give it away and make someone's day. Giving away my cookie jars and ornaments.

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