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Things Come Apart

I know people just like this author, people who are so inquisitive they will take things apart to see how they work.

Heritage Magazine for The Intelligent Collector

A really nice, high quality magazine for collectors, produced by Heritage

Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles 2013

It's another winner from the Kovels, pick up your 2013 Kovels' Guide for the latest and greatest in pricing collectibles.

Joseph Cornell's Manual of Marvels

A lost book and work of art discovered after the artist passed away has now been recreated for others to see and enjoy.

Early American Life

Early American Life is a feast for the eyes -- especial the Christmas issue.

Glitterville's Handmade Halloween

It might be Handmade, but most of the pieces are reminiscent of the costly artist pieces found today.

The Bride's Tree Collection

Looking for a great gift for those who love Christmas? Think about an Old World Christmas Wedding Set

New Life Furniture Masque

New Life Furniture Masque

Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2012

The latest Kovels' edition is out and ready for your research on antiques and collecting.

Fresh American Spaces

An Interior Design book for collectors

Joanne Fluke's Lake Eden Cookbook

The latest and greatest new book from Joanne Fluke is compilation of her recipes from previous mysteries, but don't worry Hannah is still in the book, cause it's a story too!

ICJ Cookies Jar

Neopolitan Cookie Jar from ICJ Cookies

Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2012

Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2012, 45th edition.

How to Make the Original Red Heel Monkey, Friends, Puppets and More

Everyone loves Sock Monkeys and although the company includes a free pattern, this book has some added extras.

Living With What You Love

Living with what you love -- one of the best books out on decorating with collectibles

Secondary Market Guide for Department 56 Snowbabies

A Reference & Secondary Market Guide for Department 56 Snowbabies

Thomas Kinkade Holiday Tree

Thomas Kinkade Animated Holiday Tree

The New LED Warm Clear Christmas Lights

Energy saving LED Christmas lights have been on the scene for several years, but until the last year they've left a lot to be desired.

Archives of Advertising CDs

It's been a while since I had this much fun reviewing a product! I had three CD's to review, all subjects I have a particular interest in.

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