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The M.I.Hummel club is the longest running collector club in existence and no wonder, look at a few of the great pieces that have been available to club members. The club started as the Goebel Collectors' Club in 1977, but was re-structured in 1989 to the M.I. Hummel Club. In 2006 M.I. Hummel Club will celebrate their 30th anniversary with an Oktoberfest in Las Vegas.

Also included in the picture gallery is the Merry Wanderer, the most popular Hummel made in the numbers produced and Puppy Love, the first Hummel introduced in 1935.

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M.I.Hummel - Puppy LoveM.I.Hummel -- Merry WandererM.I.Hummel - Gifts of LoveM.I.Hummel -- Togetherness
M.I.Hummel -- April ShowersM.I.Hummel -- Sad SongM.I.Hummel -- Valentine JoyM.I.Hummel Club -- Valentine Gift
M.I. Hummel -- Forget Me NotM.I.Hummel --FarewellM.I. Hummel -- Kinder Choir Club Figurines
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