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Prices Realized: Lenci Porcelain Figurine


Prices Realized: Lenci Porcelain Figurine
(c) John Lovell of The Spencer Company
Updated August 08, 2005
San Jose, California -- A highly valuable and rare Lenci figurine was sold on eBay for the astounding bid of $17,100. The figurine was sold by Power Seller Christopher Spencer, and was purchased by an undisclosed Italian buyer who found the item for sale on eBay.

“eBay was the right place at the right time for this unusual piece that was found in the garage of the estate of a late antique seller in Burbank,” says Spencer, an eBay Trading Assistant and Certified eBay Education Specialist.

The item is figurine of a nude woman sitting on a painted pear. It stands 9 3/4" tall, and the base is 8 5/8" across. The name Beltrami is carved on the rim, for the designer Beltrami Po. The figurine is also marked Lenci Made in Italy 13-1-30 and the number 7. The number 92 is embossed in the base. The figurine was described to be in excellent condition, with no breaks or chips.

The owner of the item is a client of Spencer’s who brought the item in for liquidation on eBay. Spencer runs an eBay drop-off store in Burbank, Calif., which he has operated for the past seven years.

The first bidder placed a bid of $10 on the figurine. The price quickly climbed to $4,700 after the first day. After one week and 34 bids, the winning bid of $17,100 was placed on July 7, 2005.

“This is the single, most expensive item we have ever sold on eBay, and our client never even imagined this 9” statue could command such a high price,” Spencer says.

Spencer’s client was speechless when he found out that the item sold for this unimaginable sum. “We expected at best a few hundred dollars for this whimsical abstract statue of a woman seated on a pear,” says Spencer.

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