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Collecting Movie and Entertainment Memorabilia


A poster from your favorite movie hanging on the living room wall, autographed photos of an Oscar winning movie star, movie props protected and displayed in a special display case. Does collecting get any more fun than this? I think not!

If you've been bitten by the bug to collect memorabilia from the entertainment industry, get started by checking out these resources.

1. Academy Award Oscars

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An Oscar is the ultimate collectible, but that's just not going to happen for most collectors!

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences does not allow the award to be sold. Nominees sign an agreement not to sell the award, except to the Academy, who gets first option to buy the trophy for the price of a $1.

This agreement started in 1950, so the only Oscars up for grab are pre-1950 and the price is high.

In the 1990s Michael Jackson bought the best picture Oscar for Gone with the Wind for $1,542,500.

Steven Spielberg has purchased three Oscars over the years, presenting them back to the Academy.

Spielberg paid:
$607,500 for Clark Gable's It Happened One Night
$578,000 for Bette Davis' Jezebel
$207,500 for Bette Davis' Dangerous

2. Movie and Television Props

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Having a cool piece of movie memorabilia can be the dream for many collectors. Devotees might look for wardrobe pieces worn by a favorite actor, something used in the movie background or an iconic piece such as a Harry Potter wand. Pictures and Prices

3. Movie Posters

Heritage Auction Galleries
Authentic, vintage movie posters can be a fascinating and rewarding hobby. But, as in all things collected, there are things that every beginner should be aware of in the quest to build an excellent collection. Pictures and Prices Read More

4. Collecting Celebrity Autographs

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The key to collecting autographs is by constantly educating yourself. Learn more about fakes, keep up to date on who is signing through the mail and learn where celebrities are showing up in your area.

5. Celebrity Auctions

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Often collectors will specialize in a favorite celebrity and when it's something that everyone can identify the sky can be the limit. For instance Marilyn Monroe's Mr. President's Birthday Dress or what about Cher's, at times, gasp-producing outfits, these are the things we can all relate to.

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