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Autographs & Entertainment Collectibles

Find information on collecting your favorite actors, artists, music, movies and television shows.
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Animation Art Auction Prices

I Love Lucy vintage Memorabilia
Find out more about I Love Lucy vintage Memorabilia

Collecting Movie Memorabilia
A poster from your favorite movie hanging on the living room wall, autographed photos of an Oscar winning movie star, movie props protected and displayed behind a glass door cabinet. Does collecting get any more fun than this? I think not!

If you've been bitten by the bug to collect memorabilia from the entertainment industry, get started by checking out these resources.

Guide to Collecting Movie Posters
Authentic, vintage movie posters can be a fascinating and rewarding hobby. But, as in all things collected, there are things that every beginner should be aware of in the quest to build an excellent collection.

Collecting Elvis Presley Memorabilia and Collectibles
Collecting Elvis Presley Memorabilia and Collectibles includes price guides, trivia quiz and weird collectibles profiling Elvis.

Tips for Collecting Michael Jackson Memorabilia
A favorite entertainment icon passes away and the urge to get a piece of them intensifies. What are best collecting tips.

Vinyl Record Collecting
From Classic Rock on About: Learn more about vinyl record collecting, why people collect, as well as the art and music.

Coney Island Exhibit and Art Show
As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, Coney Island was a magical draw. It's great to look back at these pictures and see some of the amazing memorabilia from that golden time.

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