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Even 30+ years after his death, Elvis' popularity has never decreased and, thanks to Priscilla, his image is more alive today than ever. Elvis is one of just a handful of people that are only need their first name to be instantly identifiable. Hundreds of products are still produced under his license, but it's the old stuff that gets the high prices.

Shown are a selection of items from various online auction houses.

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Moody Blue LP Cover SlickElvis Presley's HairGraceland Sales ContractElvis Presley's White Knabe Piano
Louisiana Hayride PlacardElvis Presley's Pill BottleElvis Presley's Custom Gold-Framed SunglassesElvis' Pink Jumpsuit
Satin ScarfBaby, Let's Play House 45 RPMElvis on Velvet1955 Vinyl Clutch Purse
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