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Elvis Presley Memorabilia Prices

A sampling of prices of Elvis Memorabilia from online auctions, shops and shows.

Collecting Elvis Presley Memorabilia and Collectibles
Have you seen Elvis lately? If not, you've just not looking! Elvis can be seen anywhere and everywhere. If anyone didn't die -- it was him. His popularity has never decreased and, thanks to Priscilla, his image is more alive today than ever.

Elvis Presley Memorabilia
Elvis is one of just a handful of people that are only need their first name to be instantly identifiable. Hundreds of products are still produced under his license, but it's the old stuff that gets the high prices.

Elvis - Online Auction Prices
Get an idea what Elvis Memorabilia is going for on the Internet auctions.

Elvis Presley Cookie Jars
Numerous Elvis jars have been produced, from inexpensive jars by Vandor to the amazing Happy Memories jar.

Dick Clark Auction -- Elvis Memorabilia
Elvis Presley memorabilia from the personal collection of Dick Clark

Elvis Presley 45 RPM Records and Prices
According to the official Elvis Presley web site he sold over one billion records, with 150 albums and singles. Presley had 14 Grammy nominations to his credit and starred in 33 films.

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