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eBay Frauds and Scams


There will always be someone around trying to separate you from your money.

I get as many emails telling me that my eBay account is being changed or my password and credit card needs to be verified, as I get Paypal email scams -- a lot!

These emails are very official looking and you might think they come from eBay. And in fact eBay might send you a letter about your account, but eBay will NEVER ask you to respond with your password, credit card or bank account information in an email. Just like the Paypal emails, if you get something that you feel might be legitimate, log onto eBay separately, not from a link in the email, and check it out in your message center. The message center can be found via the My eBay link at the top of the page, after you sign on the web site.

If you still have questions, one option is to use the Live Help area. Although it is advertised as help for Buying and Selling, I've used it to ask questions about things I couldn't find any other way.

If you do receive a suspicious email, report it by forwarding the entire email to spoof@ebay.com.

If you feel that you might have given out personal information to the wrong person, immediately log onto your accounts and change the password! Then contact eBay to report the incident.

Changing your Password
Go to My eBay, click on the Preferences Tab. The Personal Information section should be right at the top. This is where you can change your ID, Password, Registration Information, etc. eBay suggests using a password that is hard to figure out, e.g. a combination of letters and numbers, or a set of words without spaces. Don't use simple words that could be figured out.

Live Help
Recently I received an email asking me to take part in a survey for eBay. I thought it might be legitimate, but a little voice kept telling me to check it out. I logged onto eBay, and went to the live help area. After just a few minutes a "real, live" person came on and verified the survey was legitimate.

The Live Help button is currently on the right side of the Search boxes on eBay's home page. I had already spent a while looking around the eBay site for information on this survey, when I gave up and tried the Live Help. I should have tried it sooner and saved myself some time and frustration.

eBay is promising new updated web forms and easier ways to find answers to our questions, something that is long overdue.

Escrow Scams are another way to separate you from your hard earned money. There are numerous escrow services on the Internet and many look very official, but are not.

PayPal Fraud emails frequently show up in my mail box and they all look official. But they aren't! Also Read:
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Internet Fraud Watch - Fraud.Org has a wealth of resources.

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