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Collecting Easter Rabbits and Easter Eggs

Budget vs No Budget


Easter rabbit collecting can cover all the same categories as the other holidays. Ornaments, cards, toys, tableware, as well rabbit items, eggs and baskets. There are loads of choices, in all price ranges. On a budget? Concentrate on vintage and new items. If you are not on a budget, lucky you! Look for antique Easter toys, beautiful glass baskets, antique rabbits and limited edition contemporary objects.

Paper Mache Rabbits

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Look for paper-mache reproductions from companies such as Bethany Lowe made oversas. Lowe has well-known artists licensing their designs, so although the pieces may not be limited editions, they will have the same look at a budget price.

No Budget
Shown are antique paper-mache rabbits, these are not in the best condition, probably 50-60 years old, but still selling in the $60 - $75. price range. Fine pieces can sell for thousands of dollars. Just take a look at these Rabbit Nodders that sold for over $30,000. at an auction a few years ago.

Also look for artist created, contemporary paper-mache rabbits made in limited editions. Teena Flanner Originals is a particular favorite of mine.

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Chalkware Rabbits

Vintage chalkware rabbits are not too difficult to find and often can be be more affordable than newer contemporary pieces. Do a quick search online for vintage chalkware rabbits to see what can be found. Although most are fairly primitive, chalkware can be found for just a few bucks on up. Of course there are antique chalkware rabbits that can sell for thousands, but a collector doesn't have to spend a lot of money to build a fun collection.

No Budget
Contemporary chalkware rabbits from such companies as Vaillaincourt, often made from antique chocolate molds can be pricey, but also very collectible. When building a nice collection, always look for items that are well designed and/or limited editions.

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Easter Rabbit Postcards

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Budget and No Budget
Easter postcards can easily fit both categories. Cards can be found for just a few dollars on up, depending on the design, artist and condition.

Easter cards can also be used for crafting projects, giving them an old-fashioned or antique look.

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Soft Rabbits

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Soft plush rabbits are plentiful, cute and most of all affordable. Although generic rabbits are often just as cute, I would suggest looking at companies such as The Boyds Collection and Ty for rabbits with personality.

No Budget
Can you say Steiff? They are in a class by themselves in both design and appearance. It's hard to mistake a Steiff animal. Steiff currently (2011) has an exclusive Easter Rabbit available at Williams-Sonoma, as well as there are numerous others on their website, from classic to "crazy".

Shown are two Steiff Rabbits that were given as a baby present in the 1950s and have been in the family ever since.

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Plastic Rabbits Toys

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Cute little Easter rabbits and chicks that often held candy. The plastics pieces were made in the 1950s time frame. These toy rabbits are very affordable and were selling for under $15. at a recent antique show. Just a few inches tall, these were the toys that baby boomers often found in their Easter baskets. Also shown in the mix are a few chalkware pieces, as well as a chicken that laid eggs. I loved those and you can still find them new today to help fill those Easter baskets.

Antique Rabbit Toys

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No Budget
Antique and vintage rabbit toys can be quite collectible. Both Marx and The Chein Company made some amazing tin toys for Easter, toys that wind-up, run and otherwise delight the child in all of us. When buying tin toys, make sure they work properly, with no rust and good paint. Repairing a restoring a broken toy can be an expensive proposition.

Shown is a celluloid wind-up toy that is from the Made in Japan era.

Looking for something more expensive -- you can always try to find a Vichy Clockwork Rabbit that sold for $28,750.

Pysanky Eggs

Going back to the ancient Ukrainians was the art of melted wax and dyes creating the first beautifully intricate Ukraine eggs, also known as Pysanky.

Although Pysanky eggs are done with real eggs -- hen, goose and even Ostrich, they are also sold as wooden eggs.

Shown are wooden Pysanky eggs made in Poland. See link below for supplies to create your own.

No Budget
Go for the real thing. Buy authentic, hand-made Pysanky eggs direct from the Ukraine. The Internet has made the world a very small place and these are easily found online. eBay has quite a few offered for sale that are shipped directly from Europe. Prices range from about $20. for a simple egg, on up depending on the decoration and size of egg.

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Fabrege Eggs

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No Budget(and you still probably can't afford the real thing!)
The history is fascinating, the eggs are exquisite and to collect even the reproductions is only for the those with deep pockets. But there is something about a Fabergé egg that even if you can't own one, you can still enjoy looking at the pictures, or if you're lucky, can view at a museum.

Today there are several ways to own an egg associated with the name of Faberge. There are authorized reproductions of the Imperial eggs, eggs created by the descendants of Carl Faberge and eggs made by the company authorized to use the name Faberge. Confusing? Yes, but like all collecting, always do your research before purchasing.

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