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Easter Collecting Picks


Easter collecting can cover all the same categories as the other holidays. Ornaments, cards, toys, tableware, as well rabbit items, eggs and baskets. Shown are a few fun pieces, many new for 2011.

Lenox Easter Tree

The name Lenox always means it's nicely made and well-designed. Their 2011 Easter tree stands slightly over 12" and has twelve china ornaments to decorate the tree.

The Lenox china pieces are accented with 24 karat gold.

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Vaillancourt Country Bunny

New for 2010 is the chalk ware Country Bunny, a full 10" tall and retailing for $150.

From Vaillancourt:
The Country Bunny has been finished in a new technique that involves a new process and products. First two coats of a latex toner are applied then a fine paste wax as a sealant. The piece is then buffed with a soft cloth to give it a warm luster. This process gives the piece a more matte finish with a rich patina.

Carrot Hop Ornament

Jingle Nog has just about the best whimsical glass ornaments around and they've done it again with Carrot Hop. And as always, their ornaments always have a story to tell:

Spotted incognito in the carrots,
hopping with a plie while hiding in the haricots vert,
keeping company with the kale,
having a thumping good time in the turnips,
the carrot hop as it is so called,

Continued on the Jingle Nog web site.

  • Size: 5.5"
  • SRP: $36.

Bunny Box in Buttercup

A classic piece from Fenton Art Glass, new for Spring 2011. The Bunny Box features a handpainted design by Stacy Williams. Each piece is signed by the Fenton artist who completed it.
  • Size: 4 1/2"
  • SRP: $49.50
Can be purchased directly from Fenton Art Glass.

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