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Although Easter Collecting might not be as popular as other holiday collecting, that just means there isn't the same competition for the good stuff. Find your particular niche, the stuff that really appeals to you. Then decide on your budget. Can you afford the antique items or should you look for vintage and contemporary pieces. In either case, look for well-made collectibles in good condition.

Easter Gift Tags

Barb Crews
Free printable Gift Tags that you can easily download the image to use in your own graphics program.

Budget vs No Budget Easter Collecting

Barb Crews
Easter rabbit collecting can cover all the same categories as the other holidays. Ornaments, cards, toys, tableware, as well rabbit items, eggs and baskets. There are loads of choices, in all price ranges. On a budget? Concentrate on vintage and new items. If you are not on a budget, lucky you! Look for antique Easter toys, beautiful glass baskets, antique rabbits and limited edition contemporary objects.

The Easter Collection of John Kardos

©John Kardos
John Kardos, collector extraordinaire, recently shared pictures of his Easter collections. With such an amazing collection, I wanted to know more!

Easter Crafts and Activities

©Cheryl C. Fall
From your About Hobby Guides:
Easter crafts and activities that will provide hours of fun for you and your family. Make the perfect Easter decorations and find Easter coloring pages for the kids. Get that perfect Easter photo or start a new collection. No matter what you have in mind, this guide can help you make it happen.

Easter Postcards

Barb Crews
For your enjoyment, a sampling of antique Easter postcards and illustrations from my personal collection. These may be downloaded for your personal use and enjoyment.

Pysanky Eggs

©Ann Morash
Decorating eggs, goes back to the ancient Ukrainians where the art of melted wax and dyes created the first beautiful and intricate Ukraine eggs, also known as Pysanky (from the word to write).

Easter Cookie Jars

Barb Crews
here are collectibles to help decorate your house for every holiday and season. Springtime decorative collectibles can bring a breath of fresh air to the house, especially after a long cold winter. One way to decorate your kitchen or tabletop is with a cookie jar or two. Here are some Easter and spring themed jars from over the years, along with information on when they were first issued and suggested prices.

Glass Egg Ornaments

Arreola Designs
People may not decorate as lavishly as they do for the Christmas holidays, but many decorate for Easter -- even to the extent of doing a simple Easter tree. And egg ornaments have been growing in popularity for Easter.

Fabrege Eggs

©Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
The history is fascinating, the eggs are exquisite and to collect even the reproductions is only for the those with deep pockets. But there is something about a Fabergé egg that even if you can't own one, you can still enjoy looking at the pictures.

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