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Disney Collectibles -- Price Guides and Resources

Find out more about your Disney collectibles, such as how much they might be worth or what items sold for in the past.

Disney Movie Posters: Pictures and Prices
Find out what these original Disney movie posters have sold for.

Disney Store-Used Display
Disney Online Auctions -- Store Displays Prices Realized

Mickey Mouse Toys/Dolls
Excellent prices for Mickey Mouse dolls and toys sold September 2007.

Modern Disney Pinbacks -- A Sampling of Prices
From the Official Guide to Disney Collectibles by Hake, A sampling of modern pinbacks

Disneyana: Online Price and Value Guides
An index of Disney prices realized, pictures and value guides.

75 Years of Mickey Mouse -- Sotheby's Auction
Pictures and prices realized for the Sotheby and Disney auction of 75 statues of Mickey designed by celebrities.

Celebrate Mickey: 75 InspEARations
Find out more about the Celebrate Mickey Charity Auction and the celebrities who participated.

Comic Art Auction Prices -- Disney
Online auction prices for Disney comic book art and comic books.

Disney Classics Collectibles
Disney Classics price information, as well as edition information and issue prices. An amazing web site with loads of information!

Disney Jars
Dozens of Disney cookie jars with identifying information, dates and values.

Disney Snow Globes -- What's it Worth?
Although I am not sure when the first Disney snowglobe was produced, they're very popular collectibles, as evidenced by the prices realized at online auctions.

Golden Limited Edition Mickey Mouse
A golden life size Mickey Mouse was offered on Disney Auctions in April 2006. Edition was limited to 50.

Haunted Mansion Movie Props
Online auction prices from the Disney movie, Haunted Mansion.

Mickey Mouse Collectibles and Memorabilia
Prices Realized: Mickey Mouse Collectibles and Memorabilia including illustrations, ceramic and tin toys.

Olszewski Disney Prices
Secondary market prices for those intricate Olszewski miniatures.

Pirates of the Caribbean and Freaky Friday
Prices realized for movie props from the Disney movies Pirates of the Caribbean and Freaky Friday.

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