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Collecting Disney Pins: Tips for Beginning Collectors


Collecting Disney Pins: Tips for Beginning Collectors

St. Patrick's 2006 Pin

Courtesy of Disney Auctions

Tips for Would-Be Collectors
It can be overwhelming when starting a new collection, here are a few guidelines for beginners:

  • Try to specialize at the beginning. e.g. Collect your favorite character or favorite movie theme or scene.
  • Learn proper Pin Etiquette -- yes, there are proper ways to trade!
  • Protect your pins in pin bags.
  • Check out the pin sites online to get the latest news, meet other collectors, and compare notes.
  • Enjoy your hobby by collecting what you love!
Cleaning and Displaying
Although pins can be displayed on cork bulletin boards or a cushion board on the wall, it's best to keep them in a special pin bag. People wear them on their jackets and hats, but the sign of the true collector is displaying their pins on a lanyard worn around the neck.

It's a signal to others that you are a pin collector and open to Disney Pin trading.

If cleaning is necessary, use a slightly damp, soft cloth to wipe clean.

If you're already collecting Disney pins you probably know about the official Disney Pin Trading web site, but if not -- add it to your favorites today!

Source: Stephanie Ayers

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