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Collecting Disney Cookie Jars


Disney jars are one of the more popular categories for collectors of cookie jars. Disney jars can be broken down further to even more sub-categories, these include:
  • Vintage and antique jars from the 1940s - 1960s.
  • Mass-produced jars made by companies such as California Originals, Schmid, Treasure Craft and later Zaks.
  • Cookie jars exclusive through Disney Stores -- older ones, of popular characters, can sell for more than double issue price.
  • Disney Auctions limited edition jars are popular, they can also bring more than double the issue price for the more popular characters.


Barb Crews
When I think of Disneyland, a castle always comes to mind, and of course Disney has made an assortment of Castles from the parks.

Disney Limited Editions

Courtesy of Disney Auctions
Disney Auctions offered small editions -- ranging in size from 150 to 350 pieces, these elaborate jars were offered through online auctions. First on eBay and then directly through Disney. Disney discontinued their auction web site several years ago.

Several prototypes are also shown.

Disney Store Exclusives

Barb Crews
Although cookie jars are not offered regularly in Disney stores, when they are -- it's the only place to find it. There are also two different types of store exclusives: mall stores around the country and the park stores (including the New York City 5th Avenue store).

Donald Duck

Barb Crews
Poor Donald, probably one of the most understood Ducks in history. We can all identify with him, when the little things in life drive us all crazy. Only Donald lets it all out! Perhaps that's why I love Donald Duck cookie jars!

Dumbo Cookie Jars

Rich Clark
He's one of my favorite characters, I always cry during the movie! Here are many of the Dumbo jars that have been produced over the years.

Mickey Mouse

Bill Correll
There are only a few shown, but there are lots of Mickey Mouse cookie jars available for those who love Mickey.

Winnie the Pooh

Barb Crews
If you collect Winnie the Pooh items, you're probably aware that Disney has made, and licensed, numerous Winnie the Pooh cookie jars. But just how many do you have? These pictures and links are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Disney and Pooh jars.

Complete Disney Jar Gallery

Want to see all the jars, not necessarily listed by character? Here's a complete list of the jars on this Collectibles site.

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