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Disney resources abound on the Internet, from online auctions direct from Disney to collector clubs, fan sites and classic Disney.
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Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse
Steamboat Willie opened to rave reviews and has never looked back.

Collecting Disneyana: The Disney Start page
How can you not smile when looking at a Disney piece of art, collectible or cartoon? Find out more about the happiest of collections -- Disney stuff!

Disney Auctions, Deals and Stores: A Look Back
At one time Disney sold their items through auctions, deals and the online store. Although they no longer do so, here is a look back at how the items were sold.

Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles by Ted Hake
Ted Hake is the king when it comes to pop culture and this book just elevates his throne a little higher. It's an incredible book that every Disney enthusiast should own.

Disney Limited Edition Snowglobes
Snowglobes from Disney are highly sought after, even the contemporary pieces. Recently Disney has done a series of limited edition Snowglobes available via online auction.

McDonald's Happy Meal Promotion
The price is right for parents on a budget, the kids get something to play with, and collectors have an inexpensive item to collect. This particular promotion promises to be very popular, especially if the movie is as good as been talked about.

Golden Mickey Mouse Statue
Limited edition, life-size Mickey Mouse statue sold in April 2006.

Steve's Disney Collection
An excellent resource for Disney collectors. Steve shows his collection of Disney pencil drawings, along with additional information about the artwork.

The Duckman's Inside Report
The Duckman focuses on The Walt Disney Classic Collection in his excellent, personal web site.

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