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Quick Crafty Gifts to Make for Collectors


It's not always easy to find the right gift for a collector friend. When you can't find just the right present, don't give up! There are lots of ways to give a personal gift that still reflects their personality. Collectors don't always need something that is from their collection, almost all will appreciate items made with antiques.

Here are a few ideas to start off with. Do you have any ideas to add -- email me with your suggestions.

Scrabble Ornament

Barb Crews
This simple, but very effective ornament is a great trash to treasure piece. Using some old tiles from a Scrabble game (pick up a game at a thrift shop)and you'll have loads of stuff for future crafts.

Antique Postcard Ornaments

Barb Crews
Vintage looking ornaments that will wind up being favorite treasures on the tree. Use either real postcards or color copies, along with interesting embellishments that go-with the cards, will make these even more special.

Finial Candlestick Holder

Barb Crews
For just a few dollars (or less) you can create a finial holder that is worthy of even your most expensive and treasured finials. Learn how to put this together in just a few minute and even less time.

Candlestick Pedestal Plate

Barb Crews
Whoops, you did have a set of crystal candlestick holders and now it's down to one piece. Don't worry, one candlestick is all you need for this gorgeous craft. Dig through the china cabinet and find a pretty plate that might be mismatched or is not used anymore. Add a little bit of ribbon and hot glue = a terrific present for a favorite person.

Salt Shaker Ornament

Barb Crews
You might have an odd salt shaker at home or perhaps see a really interesting one at the flea market -- but who wants just one? You do! Turn that inexpensive single shaker into a really cool ornament that can be Christmas themed or a decorative to use all year long.

This particular shaker ornament was made with a brand-new shaker, but the ones that I really love are made from old Shawnee shakers.

Fleece Throws

Barb Crews
A no-sew throw that's easy to make and is perfect for personalization by finding a print that's fits what the recipient collects or their hobbies/interests. Most of the throws can be made for well under $20. and are much nicer than the cheap thin versions often found in the stores.

The washable fleece comes in a multitude of colors and patterns, I guarantee you can find one to fit the recipient. There are licensed sports teams, licensed characters from Disney, Sesame Street or Warner Bros., NASCAR, etc. But you don't need to use a licensed design, the generic designs can fit just as well.

Fun and Funky Jewelry

Barb Crews
Find an old game tile, e.g. Mah Jong or Domino, and drill a hole through it. Use a a few yards of rayon cord, tie a few simple macrame knots to make a necklace pendant. Or use a sturdier cord to make a key ring.

A large vintage button can make a neat pin to wear on a jacket. Buy a pinback at a crafts store and glue to the back of the button.

Have a bunch of old buttons? Sort them by color, then using elastic cord to crochet an expandable bracelet. Thread the buttons on the cord as you crochet.

Fake Gingerbread Ornaments

Gingerbread clip art adapted from KidsTurnCentral.com
There are about a dozen of these on one of our trees and they smell wonderful! The best thing is -- I made them about five years ago and they still smell great. Don't get me wrong, the scent will eventually go away, but they do last for a long time. An easy craft that doesn't take too long and simple enough for everyone in the family.

Picture Frame with Scrabble Tiles

Use tiles from an old Scrabble game to personalize a picture frame with either a name, date or occasion. Simply glue the tiles on a painted frame. Play around with the design a bit, before doing the final gluing.

Postcard Crafts

Barb Crews
Make color copies of postcards to cover a box as mentioned above. I've also seen postcards that were color copied and enlarged, then laminated for place mats.

One year I received a copy of a Christmas postcard that was put in a small frame and embellished with ribbons, buttons and other small bits and pieces.

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