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Candlestick and Antique Plate
Candlestick Crafts
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You can buy glass and even crystal candlesticks at flea markets, antique shops and even garage sales for just a few dollars. When cleaned up and grouped together, even the inexpensive ones can look stunning. In fact a grouping of candlesticks a top favorite for in the Start a Collection for $25. article.

But there are several other ways to use those crystal treasures.

Shown is pedestal plate made with a glass candlestick and an antique plate.

Total cost is well under $10. A friend made these for a wedding reception. Each table had a little vignette that included one of these plates with either flowers or a large pillar candle on it. They could also be used on a dessert table at your next party or to hold a few necessities on a lady's dresser.

How to:

  • Find a plate with no chips or cracks, almost any type of plate will do, but think of the recipient and how it might be used. China, porcelain and clear glass plates will work well.
  • Next look for a candlestick with a flat edge on the top (some will be slightly rounded). The best type of candlestick will have a thick edge that will hold the plate securely.
  • Hot glue the plate to the candlestick. Let cool/dry completely.
  • Tie a ribbon and perhaps attach a charm or two to the ribbon as a finishing touch.
Note: The glue holds the plate very securely, but I would still be careful when moving or charring it from place to place.

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