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Shawnee Pottery Company

Sample Prices and Values


The book, Shawnee Pottery by Jim and Bev Mangus has dozens of pictures of the different variations along with values. It's a valuable resource guide to have for telling the rare from the more common jar. If you are serious about collecting Shawnee Pottery, a good book is a must-have!

Prices or value guides are always subjective and in many cases argumentative. In the case of the following jars, Internet auctions, live auctions, antique mall prices and dealers input, all were used to come up with the values shown. Of course putting a price on something is always subjective and you need to two people to make it come true -- a seller and a BUYER! These prices are not from the Shawnee Pottery book.

Drum Major $200. - $300.
Dutch Jack and/or Jill $200.+
Dutch Boy/Girl - cold painted $75.
Jack Tar Sailor $150. - $250.
w/gold and flower decals $1000.
Jo-Jo Clown*
$250. - $400.
Muggsy $350. $550.
Puss n'Boots $125. - $175.
Smiley Pig - cold painted $75.
Smiley Pig w/cloverbud gold $400 ++++ ($6750 at 2002 Auction)
Smiley Chocolate Bank Head $450.+
Smiley Shamrocks $200.+
Winnie w/cloverbud $400. - $700. (auction)
Winnie w/cloverbud & gold $1250. (auction)
Winnie Butterscotch Bank Head $550.+
Winnie Shamrock* $275. - $350.
Lucky - Elephant $125.
Lucky - Elephant w/gold & decals $700.+
Pink Elephant $125. - $150.
Shawnee Cottage $1000. - $1400.+
Winking Owl* $125. - $175.
* Gold-trimmed versions can sell for much more.

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