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Abingdon is known for many products throughout their existence. Longtime collector Nancy Legate writes that "Designs included vases in small, medium and large sizes, what-nots, hurricane lamp bases, ash trays, statues, wall decorations, head vases, chess pieces, figurines, urns, jugs, planters, bookends, console bowls, candleholders, cornucopias, cigarette accessories, plates, compotes, pitchers, refrigerator sets, range sets, tea sets, tiles, jam sets, salad and soup bowls, floor vases, sand jars, flower pots, string holders, lamp bases, and cookie, candy and vanity jars."

Abingdon Sanitary Manufacturing to Abingdon Potteries, Inc.

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Abingdon was founded in 1908 as the Abingdon Sanitary Manufacturing Company, producing toilet fixtures and commodes. The company got the name from the town it was located in, Abingdon, Illinois.

During the depression in the early thirties, the lack of construction caused the pottery to switch gears. Abingdon Sanitary Manufacturing Company started producing artware, but still kept the same name even though it didn't quite fit the new product. In 1945 the company changed their name to reflect their products. Later on the name changed again, this time to Briggs Manufacturing, when the company was sold in 1951. Briggs converted the company back to producing sanitary products.

Cookie Jars Pictures and Prices

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The hand-painting of pottery didn't start until 1942 -- hence cookie jars would have been made in the time frame from 1942 - 1950. When the company was sold, the molds were sold to another company, Pidgeon Vitrified China. According to Mike Schneider of The Complete Cookie Jar Book, the molds ended up with Western Stoneware Company and, most likely, Regal China Company, since some of their jars are almost duplicates to Abingdon.

Abingdon Advertisements

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It's always fun to look back and see what our collection might originally sold for. Shown here are a few old ads for Abingdon cookie jars ad pottery pieces.

Sold Prices for Abingdon Cookie Jars

Shown are a few Abingdon Jars prices as sold on eBay.
  • Cookie Time Clock - $125.
  • Cooky Girl - $99/120.
  • Daisy Jar, Blue flowers - $75/99.
  • Hippo, Bar Jar - $230/400.
  • Hippo, Decorated - $550.
  • Hippo, White - $225.
  • Humpty Dumpty - $225.
  • Jack O'Lantern - $350.
  • Little Bo Peep - $350.
  • Little Miss Muffet - $250.
  • Rocking Horse - $250.
  • Money Bag - $75.
  • Mother Goose - $325.
  • Pineapple - $85.
  • Three Bears - $51/100.
  • Windmill - $177/225.
  • Witch - $1500.

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