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Valentine's Day Cookie Jars


Brighten up your kitchen with a cookie jar filled with cookies for Valentine's Day. Shown are a few recently produced cookie jars, along with some treasured vintage pieces.

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Bear with Heart Cookie Jar

Barb Crews
Target: 2011
I love the look on this bear, he is just so happy to be holding a heart for Valentine's Day. Or at least he looks that way!

It's available at your local Target store and can also be ordered online.

The kids will love this one.

Boyds Bear Jar

Barb Crews
One of the best Valentine jars made. An adorable bear jar, Boyds of course, holding a box of chocolates. The jar is really well-made, but then again all of the the Boyds Bear jars were well done. It's too bad they didn't make a few more in the series.

California Cleminsons Heart

Really a very sweet jar that suggests cookies are the made to a man's heart. And perhaps they are! The heart theme is very prevalent in the Cleminsons pottery, showing up on wall plaques, salt and peppers, plates and wall pockets.

Fancy Crock

Barb Crews
This jar has a little bit of everything, pinks, hearts, ruffles -- a fun jar for Valentine's Day for sure. This particular jar was offered for sale several years ago, but should be available via the secondary market, for a reasonable price.

Heart Jar

Barb Crews
A jar from a few years ago that is amazingly simple, but was a favorite of many collectors. The jar was offered at the Target Department stores in 2009. The price was reasonable and should not cost too much on the secondary market.

I Love You Jar

Barb Crews
Sold by the Hobby Lobby Stores, this jar says it all. Hearts and the words I Love You encircle the jar. Look online for this older jar, it should be fairly reasonable to buy.

McCoy Love Birds Jar

Nancy Allen
Another perfect jar for those looking for Valentine themed jars, McCoy's Love Birds, also referred to as the penguins jar.

This vintage jar was done with cold painting and it's hard to find one with excellent paint, but I have seen several in fairly good condition.

More information, including marks and values

Pepe Le Pew and Penelope

©Beverly Sutton Collection
There were several Pepe Le Pew jars made by Warner Bros and just about any one of them would be perfect for a Valentine theme. This was one of the first jars done by Warner Bros.

Precious Moments Bear

Nancy Allen Collection
Precious Moments produced several jars in the 1990s. These included crocks, little girl and couples, as well as few "house" shaped jars that were possibly marketed as canisters.

Most of the Precious Moment jars could be used as Valentine Day jars with their sweet expressions and couple jars.

Sweethearts Jar

Barb Crews
This is one of those jars that I wish I bought a dozen of at the time. That's at least how many times I could have sold it over the years. I have seen it for sale occasionally online, so keep an eye out for it. The last time I saw it for sale, it was offered for $30, not much more than the original price.

Valentine Cup Cake Cookie Jar

2011 Issue
Cupcake themed items are some of the newest and hottest collectibles around, so why not take that idea and make it into a cookie jar? This is a fun piece that would be perfect for Valentine's Day and the best thing about it? It comes filled with cookies!
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