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Man with White Chicken on Head
Animals & Company - Man w/White Chicken
Animals & Company was a Santa Fe, New Mexico company that existed in the late eighties through the early nineties.

Although they made a variety of pottery, all animal related, there were only three cookie jar designs. All three are rare and hard-to-find.

The Man with Chicken, and Lady with Cat on her shoulder were both done in a variety of color variations. The jars were all hand-made and limited. A realistic looking Goat's Head was the third jar, this jar was not very popular, so very few were made.

Jenny Lind and Allen Walter were the husband and wife team that produced these treasures, Jenny did the design work and while Allen worked on the mold design. Animals & Company also did a variety of whimsical animal teapots, mugs with animals running around in relief, vases, platters and candle holders.

Today Jenny Lind and Allan Walter are still in Santa Fe primarily producing dinnerware under the company name of Rainbow Gate, established in 1994.

  • Issue Date - 1989
  • Estimated Values $450 - $500
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