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Bailey Design Slot Machine Cookie Jar


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1935 Watling Cornucopia Slot Cookie Jar
Bailey Design Slot Machine Cookie Jar

1935 Watling Cornucopia Slot

Bailey Designs Collection
  • Bailey Designs Collection
  • Date Produced: 2001- 2003
  • Issue Price: $75.
From Bailey Designs Collection:
In the world of antique slot machines, there is only one "ROLL-A-TOP", and that was made by Watling. The ROLL-A-TOP had not only a beautiful unique appearance, it also had a practical function; catching cheats! Through the round glass window, the management could view the last coins dropped into the machine, and so discourage the use of "slugs" instead of coins. During the golden age of slot machines, Watling created the most gorgeous designs ever produced. Serious slot machine collectors revere the elaborate imagery and grandiose details. The “Coin Front” depicts a cornucopia spewing out gold coins giving the impression that you would hit the jackpot every time. This ceramic replica captures the spirit of this highly sought after collectible slot machine."

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