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McCoy Clown in a Barrel Cookie Jar - RARE


McCoy Clown in a Barrel Cookie Jar - RARE

Clown in a Barrel Cookie Jar

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The solid color McCoy clown rare is indeed a very rare jar. These jars were done in various colors including blue, green, yellow, pink and white. But those production jars were not a solid color as this one is. The jar is green, but when looking at the mark and paper tag, the factory called it slate blue.
  • McCoy Clown in a Barrel
  • Issue: 1953
  • Mark: McCoy
  • Sold Date: May 2009
  • Sold Price: $2125.
Note: Cookie jar expert Red Huston was asked about this jar, "Yes, it's definitely a rare jar and one worth the price paid". He related that three of these jars are known to exist and since six jars were often made in a test run -- the question is are there three more out there? Do you have one?
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