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McCoy Carousel Cookie Jar


McCoy Carousel Cookie Jar

McCoy Carousel Cookie Jar

Courtesy of Jackie Weinstock/Ohio Ceramic Center
How many times have you seen the word rare or hard-to-find on a description of a cookie jar? To many sellers, rare means the manufacturer is sold out or perhaps the run was a limited edition of 5,000.

But the epitome of rare is -- the McCoy Carousel cookie jar.

Dan Beem has owned this jar since 1977 - when it was discovered it in the basement of a house he bought. It so happens that the house was formerly lived in by folks with family members working for the McCoy Factory and perhaps that's how the jar found its way to the shelves under the stairs. Beem also had a connection with the McCoy Factory, working there for many years.

When the jar was found the maker was unknown, but thought to be a real McCoy. It was finally authenticated when a 1965 McCoy catalog surfaced. In the August 1999 issue of NM XPress, Dan says "In my own heart I always knew it was McCoy, but never could prove it until I saw that piece of paper".

No one knows how many of these jars exist, there is another one pictured in McCoy II -- so that makes two of them!

No marks are on the bottom of the jar and it has small "chiggers" on the lid and crazing all over the jar. The jar can be seen at the Ohio Ceramic Center in Roseville, Ohio.

The jar was for sale at the price of $7500. (or best offer) through the Ohio Ceramic Center. It is not known if the jar sold at the time of the offering, Spring 2003.

NM Xpress, August 1999
McCoy Pottery II by Hanson, Nissen & Hanson
Jackie Weinstock and Dan Beem

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